Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year or same old shit?

So I am back in school, of course as usual things don't work out for me, ever! So I was supposed to only have 2 classes this semester and have all 12 credits to be considered full time. Well the first day, before my nursing class started they asked if I was there and I said yeah, they said I had to go talk to someone cuz I wasn't supposed to be in the class. Apparently I am not yet accepted into the nursing program, and I can't be in the class until I am accepted, and then there are no openings til next fall. I don't understand how I could have had a seat already but now I have to wait so long. So that class was 8 credits, I had to find a way to make them up. Since it was the first day of school, most classes were already filled. Plus I have all the classes I need except the nursing ones! I ended up gettin an understanding poetry class. and a microsoft apps online class. I hate takin online classes because I slack on them too much! But that is only 6 credits so I am only considered a 3/4 time student which fucks with my GI Bill and my monthly payments. WHich I will prob survive, but I am fucked on spring quarter! I'm going to have to get a second job or find a way to get more hours at work!

Not sure if I mentioned it here yet or not, I did have 1 stroke of luck, I won a trip through Marlboro(cigarettes) a trip to their ranch in Montana. All expenses paid, they give me money, and all kinds of shit. Thats going to be Feb 18-21. That will be my buddy and I. Should be fun! I am finally getting started on my new tattoo on wednesday! I am excited, its taken a while because I came up with my concept and my artist was having a hard time trying to make it into a tat... We argued, discussed and made some compromises, and finally came out with a badass sketch! I should put a pic up wed or thurs.. I'm sure it will prob only be an outline, it's gonna be on my side. I know people think why are you doing this when you are constantly bitching about money problems and being broke. This money is from a check I got back from the school last quarter, I put it away for this as part of my christmas present to myself. I never really buy myself anything and I have been missing out on the concerts I wanna see because of school, work, and the weekends I have my son. I never really have "ME" time to be able to see any! SO I save all that into one thing for myself! Plus when things are down, the pain and watching something cool develop like that makes me happy! But that is about it for now.