Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stupid shit

Yes I am a stupid shit. But this is just a bunch of ramblings. So let's start with warped tour. So the first band we saw was Hawthorne Heights, one of my favorites, I went up through the crowd and got up front for the show. Chris and Mike stayed back. I was severely dehydrated and getting a headache and like I audioed they wouldn't let us refill our camelbacks and it pissed us off, they continued to blame me since I was the jackass who enjoyed on of my favorite bands and got our camelbacks taken away. We then saw My Chemical Romance who suck ass and are a bunch of poser pussies that I now hate. I was blamed for also standing in the sun to see them because I thought it would be a good show. They suck! Then we saw Senses Fail and Chris and I started a pit or 2 and I crowd surfed towards the end because we were right up front and got kicked in the head too many times and thought I was going to die of concussion and dehydration. Then Chris talked me into going up for Story of the Year along with Mike's broken ass (he has shoulder and knee problems) I crowd surfed out again and then they played a song I loved so I ran back in and went through a pit where I got elbowed in the head to get back to Chris and mike and get my head kicked by more crowd surfers. It was fun at first to grab the women by the hips and just throw them up towards the front but by Story of the Year I could barely put my arms up let alone throw them anywhere. It was still a pretty good time. The next day Chris and I went to K-Mart where he bought condoms and lotion, we went in to try to make it look gay and see what reactions we could get, the lotion was for his nasty ass feet, since he wore sandals to Warped tour and condoms for the obvious. I tried to get him to get a big jar of vasaline but he wouldn't. It was pretty funny, I had my game face on, then he asked me to hold his hand and lost it, so we were cracking up at the counter and it lost all it's fun of tricking the store clerk.

This was the best vacation I think I have ever had. Chris and I had a blast hanging out and making asses of ourselves. He is definitely as close as a brother to me, though I have no siblings, I think of him as a brother. We are so much alike it is pretty scary. My detox lasted a whole 5 days though I broke it tonight with a nice glass of Beam and Coke. I recently decided noticed that I drink too much, I know like I haven't bitched about it before. But I was in a situation and noticed that wow alcohol is really fucking me up. I am going to refrain from drinking during the week and have maybe a couple on the weekend but am not going to do the usual big ass bottle every weekend. Perhaps if I had been in this situation a long while ago I wouldn't have became what I have become but well timing was never my thing. Well I have been thinking way too much and need to find something else to do.