Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jello Biafra and The Melvins

Hey guess what I'm tired. Yesterday I went to the new AA place and it seemed crackhead free. Most of the people there were old yuppies. I think I would rather deal with them than crackies. But it was ok, almost put me to sleep. I left work yesterday and took a nice ass nap til 5 when I woke up to go to counseling. We talked about nutrition which was good because I was starving. Boring shit, I went and picked up Uncle Tom for our concert. We got there right when the doors opened. I didn't wear my boots because I didn't think there would be too many people there, hell I kept my hat on which I usually never do for fear of losing it. So we go in and get beers and the fucking pinball machines were occupied. So we just kind of sat and waited til one opened, then played a little. He kicked my ass like always, I think he cheats somehow. We go upstairs and I got a t-shirt and stickers, more beer.

Haram took the stage and sounded really good. I knew this was going to be a good show. They sounded really good and is supposedly from the DC area but can't really find anything of them online. He even used a beer bottle as a slide and for distortion effects, I wanted a pic but he had his back to me. There were a bunch of little kids up front trying to "mosh" it was funny, a couple even tried to crown surf.

Next was The Melvins, first out was Kevin Rutamanis on bass in a dress with pink hearts and some sound effect thing that went on for probably 20 minutes of screeching noise. Then King Buzzo came out wearing a camoflauged almost mumu(he was pretty big) and rocking a huge frizzy afro. They did probably 30 or so minutes of just sounds and guitars, it was a pretty rocking instrumental. They did some songs and the moshing got harder and harder and the little kids moved further back and were replaced with slightly older and larger guys. The pit spread over to where we were. I got to see Tom get pissed and start shoving people, we were on the edge and just shoved people who ran into us. It was awesome I just kept making my devil horns and yelling "PUNK ROCK!" to him. Then Buzzo and Kevin put on ski masks and a fat old guy came out.

Now I should have actually done research on this shit before we went. This fat old guy was Jello Biafra Now you are probably like me saying who the fuck. Well it wasn't til this morning that I found out who he really was. He was the lead singer for the Dead Kennedys. SO he did a lot of talking about polotics and the war and everything else in between songs. The crowd is absolutly nuts by now and I notice the pit is now full of really big bald headed white guys, who I assume are white supremisists, the black guys that were around us have disappeared. It seemed that after every song Jello lost an article of clothing. He came out wearing a robe and took it off, them had a confederate flag shirt and took it off, and was down to a tshirt. He jumped out into the crowd a couple times and crowd surfed. But it was definatly an interesting show. I tried to watch his little mimeings(things mime's do) but kept having to watch the pit. I had some little chick in front of me jumping aound and flailing and pissing me off, I looked at Tom and pretended that I was going to hit her and she punched me in the chin so I shoved her into the pit, where she fell on her ass. I felt bad afterwards but if she wanted to do that shit she needed to do it in the pit damnit. Finally towards the end I told Tom we needed another beer so we got one and hung out towards the back. Thankfully we did because he took off his tshirt to show off his fat sweaty gut and rung the sweat out of his shirt onto himself. And then jumped out to surf while singing. It woul;d have been scary, like the scene in Along Came Polly, the sweaty guy rubbing his chest against your face...(shudder)ewwwww! There were quite a few wierdos there. Then we went to the pizza place and I don't think anything in the world tasted better! I am hungry now, I want another huge ass slice of peperoni and mushrooms....mmmmmmmmm. I will try to post the pics tonight if they came out. I finally got to sleep about 130am and didn't wanna get up this morning. But Happy Humpday.