Friday, October 21, 2005

Senses Fail kicked ass!

Yeah so this morning I had to get up after 4 and a half hours of sleep and put on the most uncomfortable uniform the navy has (the working blues) it has a tie and I hate ties with a passion. My throat is killing me from smoking like a chimney, my cold, and screaming my lungs out last night. First up was a band called Emanuel who wasn't on the list, it was supposed to be Say Anything. But they kicked some ass. I was gonna buy the CD but after Senses Fail I was too tired and sweaty and dehydrated to go buy it. The lead singer kept doing this skinny white boy dance which I found filarious because the kind of music he was screaming could only be headbangged or moshed to.

Next band was Early November who all of you would probably like, a little rock/pop. I saw them before with Hawthorne Heights, but I was really fucked up for that show so I kind of forgot. They were decent and we kept screaming like little girls to make fun of all the little kids trying to rock out and even starting mosh pits and crowd surfing. Neither of which should be done while seeing this band.

Then we had Saves the Day Who was pretty good as well. Around this point we were a little tipsy and my "spot" at the bar in this place is right next to the free water so we start handing out water to all these little kids that were coming out of the "pit" and since Chris has been making me stop damning god and jesus because he is currently driving 10 hours to Mississippi to return a friends dog and didn't want a repeat of UnderOath, I am telling everyone that Jesus loves them. Well Ok screaming that Jesus loves them and everyone else. But Kevin, another guy that went with us, wanted to crowd surf. So this music was ok to crowd surf to, not really to mosh to but whatever so I take him into the crowd and throw him up, by time I got back to Chris at the bar he had been dropped but got back up and rode to the stage. He enjoyed it. The had a shirt that I wanted, but it was a girls tanktop and probably wouldn't look too sexy on me, it said "I(heart)my STD" but undernieth said "Saves the Day" I(heart) my STDs or lack of, whatever.

Then it was time for the main event, SENSES motherfuckin FAIL We get all 3 of us in a good position pretty close to the stage, which by the end we had one row between us and the stage. Now this is a talent that I have mastered through my concert experience that is quite hard for 3 pretty tall guys. But I get us up there. They kicked ass, sung all my favorite songs and put on just a great show. We didn't start any mosh pits this time though we tried but were to close to the stage for anyone to join in. I was pushing back to try to stop squishing this 4ft something girl in front of me and this kid kept shoving me up. Chris saw me getting irritated and I threw an elbow and caught this kid above the eye. He backed off, Chris watched him to make sure he didn't do shit. After the song he told me to watch the elbows, I told him to watch my kidneys they are kind of sensative. It was funny. Next on the menu is UnderOath again on November 3, unless I can talk Uncle Tom into going to see The Melvins on Tuesday. We'll see how that works out. I'm off to my field trip, yay, IT'S FRIDAY!