Sunday, March 18, 2007

Billy Talent

So last night was a great punk rock show! Traffic kinda sucked getting there so we missed part of the first bands set. The band was called Drive By, they sounded good. They just kind of had a good rock sound, but we only caught the last couple songs so not much to say about them. Sorry.

Next band was Cancer Bats. They were harder with more screaming. The vocals were a little lower than the music so it was really hard to understand anything. Side note While trying to add the pics I lost everything I already typed so now I am trying to remember everything I just wrote. But the music was really good. Kick ass guitar riffs with a good drum beat. On myspace it sounds a lot better because you can understand more of it. I'm sure that if Id listened to the CD a couple of times before I went to see them I'd have enjoyed it even more. But it was good music to get punped up before the main course.

Billy Talent kicked major ass!!!! The singer was older than I thought but still rocked my socks off! The crowd was crazy moshing. This was one of my favorite concerts I've seen they sounded great. They just seem crazy cool and down to earth, I was looking up something about them and saw that they have a canadian college fund set up for kids or kids of parents that have MS which you don't really hear much of bands doing especially punk sounding bands. The guitarist had some crazy hair too it was kind of a tall flat top thing it's hard to explain and we didn't get a good pic of it, but to see what I am talking about you have to go see them live. Trust me you will not be disappointed. I will do everything I can to see them anytime they tour near me again!!

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats again

HB and I between sets

The rest are all Billy Talent!