Tuesday, November 22, 2005

SIlverstein and Hawthorne Heights

Another great concert!! I am fucking dragging major ass today and am planning on going up and hiding to take a nap here in a little bit. SO the first band up last night was Aiden who sounded pretty good and I was diggin the fact they had a asian guy who had a righteous deep scream and they had a fat white guy with a mohawk. They all jumped in the crowd at one point or another. But turns out they were posers. I was thinking that when they came out, they dressed up to look "cool" while all the other bands just wore what they were probably wearing earlier. The lead singer had his face painted up and shitand when he talked he was talking to all the little kids, it was pretty annoying. He had the crowd holding his feet so he could stand on them while saying "look around these are your brothers and sisters" and stupid shit like that, his voice reminds me of My Chemical Romance and don't get me started on what I think of those pussy ass faggots.

Next was the remaining members of Bayside. The band rolled their van in Denver earlier this month killing their drummer and seriously injured their bass player. So they had their singer and guitarist. They came out and did a nice little acoustic set. I enjoyed it, I like shit like that but again it didn't belong at this type of show and some people were dicks and telling them to kill themselves and they suck and get off the stage. Granted most of these came from a group of little fucking privates that probably just got out of bootcamp. Little bitched migrated over by us and were just annoying little bitches. I thought it sounded pretty good and it did take balls knowing that alot of people wouldn't want to hear softer shit like that. I am now listening to what they sound like when not acoustic and it sounds pretty good. I may need to get the album.

Next up was Silverstein who kicked ass as always. By the end of the first song Chris, his girl and, me leading the way made it right up front, we didn't really get center this time but we weren't that far off to the side. They put on a great show as always filled with jumping screaming his amazing vocals! Shane Told came out to the crowd a little bit. At the end the singer from Aiden and giant twinkie came out and jumped into the crowd, the twinkie was right next to us and took the crowd down, Chris and I went down a little but not completely. It was a good time. Chris and I kept screaming for "Already Dead" but he said they could only play one more song and it wasn't Already dead but they are coming back in March or somewhere around there. I will probably be there! After their set I wanted to go get water but Chris said since we already had a good spot we should stay, so we did, even though I said I could get us back up there again. Oh yeah and I got like 2 pics and then put my camera in my pocket and when I pulled it back out the batteries fell onto the floor. So I may have one or two pics and thats it!

Hawthorne Heights was the headliner. It kind of pisses me off that Silverstein never headlines. But they put on a good show, all the little kids, especially the girls love them some Hawthorne. They broke their snare during the set so while they were fixing that, there was 2 little girls behind me asking to switch places so they could see, now if I didn't have a girl and they were older than 13 I may have considered but I turned around and saw little girl with braces and another that was really short but was giving me a dirty look so I said no. they kept persisting thinking that they could persuade me when they were really just annoying me and was going to cause me to have to be a dick, which I don't mind doing. SO I have one of my arms on CHris's shoulder like always and the other on another taller guy next to us. The little one kept trying to squeeze in between me and Chris I was so fucking close to elbowing her in the face, it was right there, but I didn't. She went to the other side of Chris and I watched her try to put all her weight, which may have been 75lbs, into Chris, we just laughed. But all in all it was a good show.

Afterwards I drove all the way up to HB's to sleep, I go in and she yelled at me for smelling like a bar and alcohol. I only had 2 drinks and a shit ton of smokes. and was sweaty as hell, I was soaked staying up their for 2 whole sets. SO I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and went to sleep. I am fucking cranky as shit, need coffee and food I am starving I worked up an appetite last night but couldn't get an after concert snack because I was trying to hurry so I could get to sleep. Today is Fake Thursday! Thank god. Today I am going home, getting groceries, go to counseling and then goin to sleep. Sorry HB I need my rest and I know if I go up there we won't be resting.