Friday, November 04, 2005


SO I don't have much time to type, I decided to come to my other job since I am going to need the money. But last night was awesome! I got off, went to my room and threw all my clothers and some other shit in garbage bags, chris came over and played some halo, his girl came and we headed for the show. Veda was the first band I thought they sounded pretty good, they were definately different from the music expected at a show like this but none the less I dug it. Chris bitched about it and said they sucked but fuck him. The singer looked pretty cute and played the piano and guitar so that was cool. Her singing at first reminded me of Fiona Apple but then thinking more it actually sounded like Bjork(sp?) I thought it was funny cuz the guitarists were kind of head banging thinking it was harder or something, it was a slight headbobber and toe tapper but not something to headbang to.

Next up was The Bled now this was music we'd expect it was pretty good, the kids seemed to like to mosh to it and some crowd surfers. I went up a bit to try to get a couple pics, not sure how they turned out, will check sometime this weekend. I liked them but most of the rhythms sounded the same for each song, that got kind of annoying for me.

Then UnderOath now chris was bitchin before the show saying he wasn't going up, he wasn't really feelin up to the show and all kinds of pussy shit. I told him I needed him to come with me for a few songs so I could get some good pics. SO of course we fought or way all the way to the front and stayed up there for the entire set. I am pretty positive I got some good pics here though it did take me a song or two to actually get my camera out of my pocket by fighting the crowd. Of course they stopped and started talking and thanked Jesus and we screamed as loud as we could. We definately got brownie points with Jesus last night. In line a girl came up and we had an extra ticket, she offered $40 and Chris gave it to her for 20 which was pretty much the price of the ticket after "convienence" charges. And I was telling people that Jesus loved them throughout the show so it was all good. Then Thrice would have been up next but we left.

I dropped them off at their car and went to see my HB. Her son is so adorable. He's really smart and cool, I was afraid he wouldn't like me but I think he's at least content with me. When I walked in he gave me a hug, though he thought I was someone else, I still took it. But I'll leave it at that. I'll post the pics when I can, hope everyone has a great weekend!