Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bloodsimple, Otep, and Hellyeah

So last night for devils night CF and I drove up to Detroit to see a concert, I wanted to go see Otep plus it was the day that their new highly anticipated CD was released, even though I found a copy last week. I thought maybe they would sign them or do something cool. I didn't think I would be able to go because I would have been working except they cut my hours so I didn't have to, I asked CF if she wanted to go, she agreed to. We got there around 530 and we thought the doors were supposed to open at 630 but it ended up being later and there was a line so we sat at the bar and had some beers and talked and stuff, we ended up getting a little tipsy and into some good conversations. She said she had to call it off because she thought she was making me unhappy, I had to explain to her that I am just pretty much an unhappy person, I can't help it. I am just blah, it may be about time to watch John Q and see if I can still cry, I almost put in butterfly effect the other day cuz I saw it on tv, but thankfully I wanted Planet Terror since I downloaded it the other day...anyway I digress. I explained that I just don't really feel, I am not happy, I am not sad, I am not depressed, and I don't know why. She kept saying I needed to find something that makes me happy, something for myself. I try I like playing my guitar but only for a little while cuz then I only play the few things I know and then I get frustrated with it. I write sometimes but then I block, the only thing I had been somewhat excited about recently was getting my tat and watching it come around but that was only excitement.

We got into the place, it was trick or freak so people were dressed up, some good costumes, some bad ones. Bloodsimple was the first band, I liked them they rocked. I tried to stay back cuz I didn't want CF to get hurt but she said lets go up front so we got pretty close, there was quite a big pit so I tried to keep her safe. I took a couple pics and security yelled at me and came and asked me why I was taking pics, I just said because and they said I couldn't, bastards. For SIlverstein they just said I couldn't use my flash but whatever so I tried to sneak 2 of Otep that didn't look to come out so good. Otep was fucking awesome! Gawd she is pretty hot too! Crowd definately got rowdier. A couple guys dressed as slipknow came up and started banging around and got in front of us and kept squishing CF so I put a good elbow into the back of ones head, when I did I accidently punched a HUGE dude next to me in the side of the head so I quickly apologized to him, he said no prob he say what I did and said he was about to do the same. They guys in front settled down a bit, I told them between songs I am just trying to keep CF from getting smashed, if they wanna pit, get in the fucking pit! But on Oteps new album they cover Nirvana's Breed, I in most cases don't think any band should cover NIrvana though I believe it was Action Action when I saw them did a good cover and Oteps is great. Unfortunately they didn't sign autographs. we hung back a ways for Hellyeah cuz I know it was gonna get rougher since that was who everyone probably came to see, I like them but I went mainly for Otep and others probably didn't even know who they were. But HEllyeah kicked ass and said they were playing their whole album, we didn't stay for it all since we had a 2-2 1/2 hour drive back but we stayed for probably half the set. They said it was the first night of the tour so if they come near you definatly go check it out, it is a pure rock and fucking roll kick ass tour!

Happy Halloween everyone hope you are having fun, I am doing jack shit and probably just watching Ghosthunters live episode until 3am, hopefully my old ass can stay up for it. Last night my back and knees were killing me, I'm not as young as I used to be going to concerts every week and getting up at 630 the next morning!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breakups are so cliche

We need to come up with new reasons for breakups. CF just broke up with me via myspace IM, she said she needs her space and time to herself and that kind of stuff. We need to come up with new reasons, not too much a big deal. Kelbel, guess ur advise came too late. I am not really upset because well if u read the rest obviously I was unsure but the thing that pisses me off is how things go down all at once. Lets say that I was madly in love, just for this scenerio. Monday I had a meeting for work, they cut my hours to shreds, I worked yesterday and don't work again until next weekend, not this weekend, the one next month. Because I haven't had time, I stayed up all night writing a paper for my damn Psychology class because I haven't had time between school and work, and today my girlfriend breaks up with me. HB, my uncle died, my great grandpa dies, then she breaks up with me. My exwife well she took everythting I paid for, my son and hooked up with her cousin. I mean COME ON! WHY! Now I know I am fucked up in the head, I have problems, I hate most of the world, but even though I hate most I am still respectful and nice to the world, I just talk a lot of shit. I shouldn't be destined to such bad fucking Karma, it comes in 3s. Seriously. I mean what we may have made it a month, hell, I don't think either of us know. I don't remember if I said in the last post or not but I don't even remember our first kiss cuz I was wasted at the Thats how u know its not gonna be good if u don't remember ur first kiss or even when u started dating. I need to go buy me a blow up doll, I don't think I can marry my hand but maybe a blow up doll! Won't talk back, won't care if I don't show her my emotions, won't care if I look at other girls, won't care if I fuck other girls. At least it gives me something to bitch about, and maybe something good to write though I did come up with what I think is a good line while driving to work the other day about hanging my heart from a noose. I'm thinking about trying to tie it in to the next attoo I've been thinking about, of course I need to figure out how to pay my bill, save money for europe, and well buy groceries and all that happy horseshit! Well time to go downstairs and eat my parents food, I really feel like a college student, the ones you see on tv at least. Oh yeah my psych paper had to be on a school shooter and I kinda realized why I was a suspect for one....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuck this...

Yeah I have been way to fucking busy, like right now at midnight I should be writing a fucking Biology paper but I don't feel like it, I'll write it tomorrow, Thursday used to be MY day a day with no school but now I still have to work. This shit is starting to get to me a bit, not having any time for myself. Even being busy my mind still wonders to things I shouldn't be thinking about like the past or future. School is the same as always not too bad, I seem to being doing well in my classes except Biology since the teacher is a moron and I have no clue how I am doing. Work has its ups and downs, the guy I work for/take care of had an episode a couple days ago and was banging on shit and threw a hug fit and was threatning me and we all know I don't do well being threatened. I kinda got in his face and he was scared to be confronted cuz the rest of the people are small girls but as soon as I turned and backed off a bit he just got worse and was kicking cabinets and stuff, he never tried to touch me but I still think it made matters slightly worse so now I at least know he shouldn't try to touch me and not to confront him that much, he has been better and more respectful towards me since then though.

CF and I had a little chat online the other day, I think she is also scared by confrontation, I guess I am too if I am not the one initiating it. She asked me what I wanted out of this relationship, I hesitated for quite a while thinking. I don't remember what I said but mainly I just want to be happy, I like hanging out with her and talking to her, that was about it, I thought about saying a friend I could make out with and have sex with, I mean to put it plainly all I did was explain a friend, I left out the sex, then countered with what does she want, and typical woman just says for me to be happy. I told he that it shouldn't be at the expanse of her happiness, then said I needed to go to bed cuz I had to get up early for class. She says I don't open up to her and shit, to be honest I don't really feel emotions lately, I don't think I have time for it. I start thinking about stuff that kinda gets me down and stuff but I redirect myself towards schoolwork or seldomly play my guitar or the ever effective watch TV! To be honest I don't think it will last til New Years. But I feel bad because my son likes hers and stuff and it's gonna end awkward like everything else. But in my thinkings I don't think I am able to express emotions, I feel like I do because I am pretty up front and honest but my honesty doesn't really express well my emotions on my arm. I told her the other night I have a wall in my chest and I am not sure if there is a heart still in there or not. I don't think I am ready for a relationship yet at least not the kind I think she wants. I'll also keep repeating, I don't think any woman will measure up to HB or be able to fill that void. I hope that someday I will feel that way again, that instant connection, the love at first date type thing we had. And thats what bothers me, its not so much her, I am over the fact of what happened but after feeling like that I just wonder if its possible to come around again. Is it that we all have just one soul mate or do we have many? Will I experience it again or will I end up settling? Its always the questions that fuck us over. DO I dive in head first or wlk in slowly, do I stay here and try or move on? What if aliens abduct me tonight and shove huge satelite up my ass? does that make me gay? WHat if I ruled the world? QUestions...Fuck this I need to sleep!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blurry Bday

So I guess my birthday was memorable. It started out my parents came out, I taught my dad to play beer pong and we won a couple games, then they left and hell broke loose. Ok so not really hell but I started to get fucked up. Only a few of my friends actually came out which kinda sucked but a bunch of hers came and some of them were old friends of mine. We played beer pong most the night. Then of course I had to do some keg stands and then just drink right from the tap. I remember almost getting into a fight with 2 of her friends who were being dicks and kept talking shit. My drunk ass just kept talking luckily I was able to control myself by talking to CF and a buddy, they left and then I don't remember much else. I woke up on the floor CF claims I threw up on her, I have a small recolection of throwing, well heaving, into a bowl. She had to go to work at like 10 the next morning when she left I moved myself to the bathroom where there was no sun and cuz I felt like I was still gonna get sick. I didn't but I did sleep on the floor in there for about 4 hours. Some how I ripped a huge hunk of skin off my thumb, I have no idea how or on what, no one does. CF said there was blood on her toilet from where I probably cut it then went in and lifted the seat to take a leak so we figure it was either in her bedroom or in the bathroom there. All in all it was a good time. I held it all in until like 4 or 5 am I think cuz the pics show me doing kegs stands at 330am, gawd bless timers on my camera and the fact that CF had my

Aside from that I have been busy as hell between school and work, I started working out again this week, I am sore as fuck! CF is getting annoying a bit, I barely have enough free time to do my homework and she wants to come over whenever I am home. Yesterday she called at 730am, while I was sleepin and asked if she could come over, I said I didn't care but I was sleepin til 10, so she came over and slept for a couple hours before I had to leave for school. I'll keep saying it, I don't understand why my heart is still so guarded, she is cool as shit, shes not bad looking, a little chunky but shes been running and stuff, shes always happy. And yet I don't know if I can see myself falling for her. Maybe I am gonna be unable to fall for anyone, maybe I can't put the pieces back together...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So the new job is going well so far, we'll see what I think after tonight though. The past 2 nights I have had someone there with me and tonight will be my first night on my own. I pretty much just hang out with a 40 some year old guy with mental handicap. It is pretty easy so far but I have been warned about when he blows up to watch out. He was acting up a bit yesterday and getting temperamental and trying to push my buttons. No different than my son except this guy could hurt me if he wanted, they said hes never hit anyone but still theres always a first time for anything. School has been going pretty good still, except I hate Biology which I have tomorrow, I don't remember if I went into it on here about how much of a stupid douchebag my teacher is or not. Last week I was really close to getting up and just beating the shit out of him for being a dumbass and pissing everyone off. I am sure if I would have gotten up and initiated it, the rest of the class would have followed. It was bad. He knows nothing and can only teach what he knows. He is not a people person and I want to make it my goal to get him fired if I had more time! But between school, work, hanging out with my girlfriend and my son and him playing soccer and flag football all my time is pretty well consumed at the moment. Although I have figured out that I have about an hour between school and work and since work is closer to school than home I will start working out at the gym at school in between. So thats one perk, the last 2 days I went straight from school to work only to sit in my car and try to take a nap until it was time to go in, he doesn't get home until 330 and we can't really clock in until 315 so I just sat. Going to be a busy weekend, gotta go get the keg tomorrow, get the kid tomorrow, have a small family get together I guess, then Saturday gotta take the kid for soccer, then drop him off with his mom and go start getting fucked up!! Then sometime I need to write a psychology paper thats due Monday. I would work on it today but I am busy doing all my Biology shit thats due tomorrow that I have no clue on what to do because as I said my teacher is an idiot! But whatever. I've been debating about how much of an ass to be on my Bday, I have to make it memorable since the last 3 have been, I need to keep the streak going... 22-was on stage at a strip club in front of people I worked with and striped and spanked, 23- Was almost shot going to dinner with Chris, DQ, and Zefyurs girl, 24-was the getaway with HB. See we got some good and bad mixed in there, I guess I'll start tame and if it starts to get too boring, I'll probably have to pick a fight with someone. CF was been trying to do way to much for this thing, she was going to drive to PA to get me some Yuengling but then ended up haveing to work so she tried to order it online but they called and said they couldn't send it or someshit, shes gonna pay for the keg which I suggested and was going to buy since its at her house and will probably get kinda trashed. She keeps talking about getting me something else. I feel like a dick, my son keeps asking about the last chicks little girls and when he can go play with them again. I had to tell him they are with their dad cuz I don't talk to her anymore, she was still pissed at me or something so I said whatever. I am afraid of this happening with CF too, it's not gonna work, but I think with her maybe we will still be able to be friends and hopefully the kids can still hang out. Who the hell knows. I just gotta keep on being honest to her and myself and see what happens. Well back to the homework...Yay! NOT!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Just kind of a quick update. I had my 2 day orientation for the new job, it still seems cool, but it sucks I had to get my TB shot again and get it read before I can find out when I start actually working, I got the shot Tuesday and have to get it read today so I can finally call and hopefully start working soon as shit because I am broke as a joke and my bills are piling again! The fucking GI Bill is still fucking with me, they say I am only a 3/4 time student even though I have enough credits to be a full time student, full time would pay me an extra 200 a month which obviously I could really use! I keep telling myself that once I get the money from them things will start to get better cuz I wasn't making shit as a cook, barely enough to pay my car payment and insurance let alone my utilities and shit. But fuck it, I am trying, not much I can really do at the moment, I was trying to look for a guy strip club to see if they had amature night, I'd get drunk and go shake my wee wee for some money! WHo knows maybe I'd find a new carrer. Things with CF have still been going pretty good, shes been getting some drama from her ex but she just kinda gets upset for a couple minutes and shes right back to being happy and in a good mood, I wish I could do that shit. I don't remember if I mentioned it before but we are having a kegger at her house for my Bday, it should be fun as hell, I wanna teach my dad to play beer pong, I think that would be funny as shit. Speaking of my dad I need to go help him finish putting a roof on the garage, we tore it off yesterday. But figured I'd drop a line.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I had to say something...

So shortly after my last post, I went to work for my last day which was nice and short and pretty easy. I need to giver her a nickname or something now so lets go with.... CF cuz I am running out of nicknames I'll just use her initials, so CF is the girl from the previous post not to be confused with CG from a while ago. SO CF came up to work to see me, and before she left she asked if I got her text, I said no cuz I keep the ringers off at work and she said to check it when I got a chance. She sent me a text to ask me if I would go out with her, so being the smart ass I am I say where to buy me more time and she just said steady, I told her I'd call her after work. So I discussed my situation with my co-workers. Shes cool and everything but I'm still unsure about a relationship status, I mean I am not really a player or anything, if I am talking to or "seeing"(but not dating) someone, I am not usually making out with another chick or anything. So some of the guys at work made me see that it is pretty much the same thing except with a label. SO whats the big deal about a label, its not like marriage or moving in together or anything. So I called her and we hung out and I kept giving her shit about asking me out in a text and never actually gave her an answer. And what is the deal with women thinking sex and love go hand in hand.... HB told me she loved me while we were having sex for the first time, that I didn't mind because I was already in love with her... but last night after sex CF kinda mumbled something and I asked what and she just says I don't know if I can tell u yet and I am hoping to god that it was "I love you" and not that she has aids or clamidia or some shit like that! Just kiding I am 98% sure it was I love you, and if she does say it, I cannnot say it back. That makes me feel I am fucking with her emotions which I am not. I am far from ready to jump into another long term relationship, right now I just like hanging out, I enjoy her company, I don't mind being called her boyfriend or vise versa, but I am not to that level, maybe I will someday but right now I am not looking to plan a future with anyone! But yeah thats the case so far....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Here we go again....

So yeah, I started talking to this girl. Its weird cuz around here a lot of faces look familiar and I think I should know them, well she was kind of one of them but we didn't go to school together or anything so it wasn't that, then eventually she heard my last name. Well a long long time ago, My uncle went to her school(he is only a couple years older than me) I went to one of his football games and met this cheerleader and a band chick, I ended up making out with the band chick, well this chick was the cheerleader. I was like wow, thats funny. But she is really cool, she has 2 kids. I don't know what the deal is with all these chicks with 2 kids but whatever. A boy whos 7 I think and girl whos 10 or somewhere like that. I met them yesterday the girl was good but the boy had some temper and anger problems. He punched his sis in the face like 3 times. It was crazy. But the way I see it, its not like I'm going to move right in or anything so I'm thinking about giving her a shot. We went out the other night and had fun and hung out and stuff and the only thing that kind of bothered me is that she said she was nervous about meeting me again and stuff and about the butterflies in her stomach... I didn't have any butterflies and I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I mean I didn't go expecting anything other than meeting up with someone I knew a long time ago. She really digs me and I don't know what I think. Shes cool, she's not bad looking, shes good company, she talks quite a bit but not too much just enough to fill in since I don't talk a lot. I guess only time will tell. Just hang out and hope its stays cool like this. I am making her throw me a Bday party, shes got a preety nice house so I told her shes having a party.

On a different note today is my last day as a cook, I was supposed to have my orientation for my other job last Thurday but the changed it to this coming Thurs, so I got like 3 days off til then, I'll still have school but it will be kinda relaxing. Though I really need the money, I am running on change! And more bills keep coming in, I have no clue when I am gonna get my money for going to school but it needs to be soon!

Monday, September 03, 2007

As of late

So I was filling out another dumb myspace survey the other day while I was bored and it asked about a best friend, it kinda depressed me, I don't have a best friend anymore, hell I guess Dan here is my best friend, this blog is all I tell everything to anymore and he at least gives me some general comments back. Something about this place, I mean I have friends that I tell certain things to but I don't really have anyone who I can tell everything to without fear of being judged anymore. I don't remember the last time I talked to Chris but when I tried it was just het how are things, good, and general bullshit and that was it. He's probably better friends with HB now anyway since his wife and her are friends and they live closer and shit. It is sad though. I have been doing good, I am more comfortable with myself and everything and don't really care what happens, I know I am going to survive and be ok, but I miss having that one person who you can bear your darkest secrets with. I had Chris then he left and I had HB but now theres no one, I mean my closest and the person I trust the most is SM's brother who I've been hanging out with maybe once a month or so, I feel good talkin with him but thats few and far in between too, plus he just found out his girlfriend is pregnant and shit so I doubt he'll be going out much. The guys from work we just drink and BS there isn't real deep conversation there. I really miss CHris!! We were like brothers on the same lines, we had the fucked up sense of humor and yet we were the "nice guy" who always got fucked over. He tried to help me out with HB but I just kinda ignored it, I mean I tried but with all the other shit that was happening, I just got fucked up. Oh well ther I go dwelling on the past again. I have been doing great on not really thinking about that shit except I have been trying to write a couple songs. I thought about posting them on here but I doubt it, one of these days when I am off Wednesday or Thurday I am going to try to put the lyrics to a melody and play some shit on my guitar. I really want to start or be in a band, all I need is the talent and well someone to teach me how to play better. I work on my voice everyday in my car, I have got the screaming to sound a lot better and I think the vocal parts have been getting better toi, it really has helped to quit smoking, I can hear the difference from before. But whatever, I need to go to bed soon cuz I got school early tomorrow.

Friday, August 31, 2007

New Job....?

So yeah I may be putting in my 2 week notice today. I had an interview Tuesday for a place that I thought was more geared to medical stuff, I filled out the application with all the others I was doing but all the job seems to entail from my interview is you go hang out with mentally handicap people. My buddy from the Navy does this in New York except he works at a group home and he loves it. Here they live on their own and you just go hang out for a couple hours, take them bowling or go to the movies and shit and get paid for it! They said there are some that you have to give them medication and stuff but a lot of them can do everything on their own. It is less hours but a little more an hour raise and they said I'd get a raise after so long. But the drop ins they were telling me about were like 4-8 which would be good for my school schedule plus I wouldn't be working late, It's just been over a week and I can see myself getting burnt out kinda fast. I have been trying to get as many hours at work as I can cause I really really need the money right now until I get the money for my GI Bill, they screwed up my financial aid so I had to pay 300 for my books and shit and I'm not sure if I have to pay the 7-800 for this EMT class or not, I just have no clue what is going on...but anyway I have been working late and Tuesdays and Fridays I have to be at school early with not much sleep. I am pretty tired and cranky right now but I can't sleep cause I got some homework to do and then gotta leave for work at 4. It sucks! So the schedule will be better, the pay an hour better but probably be getting less hours so smaller check, I won't relly be working, I won't be sweating my ass off all night slaving in a kitchen. SO I have been trying to decide, I think I am gonna put in my 2 week notice today and let them know whats going on and stuff just in case I wanna come back or whatever. I like the job though I do get irritated at times with how busy and rushed everyone gets and then people start to get hostile, I don't really like that, I try to remain calm and take things one at a time then someone comes over yelling and getting up in my grill(get it) then I get mad and so on. But I go for orientation for the mew place on Thursday, they seem to want to get me in as soon as possible which is great except I may have to try to work both for a week which I think would be impossible so I think I'll put my 2 weeks in today and then tell the other place next wek that I just need to wait a week to start or depending on my scedule what days I have off. I dunno hopefully everything will work out, I guess I'll see!! Well off to do some homework!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Review....

So I haven't been home at all this weekend. First if I have any ones phone number(Martini if u still read) and you got drunkdialed Saturday, I am sorry, I didn't do it!! So Friday I went with a couple friends up to a cottage on the lake again, we just kinda hung out Friday played some cards and shit. Saturday we went out on the lake, did some swimming a guy skiied, 2 of us couldn't though because our feet were too big and the ski wouldn't go bigger, it sucked. Then we went to the store and got a shitload of beer and a guy bought some shots of liquor, oh yeah I gotta look that up. Quatro-tres, some spanish liqor that tasted so good like vinilla syrup! And Navy rum was good! Anyways we played beer pong which I kicked fucking ass in!! And then a guy got ahold of my phone and started calling a couple of the girls in my phone book, he called the crazy chick I was hooking up with in the latter posts and HB and SM or FSM whatever So I had a couple angry voicemails, but phone is messing up again like on the way to the concert it just dies, I took it to sprint and they said the battery was dead even though it charged all night so I just have to keep it on the charger and take it in tomorrow slightly charged. Dumbasses! But then yesterday I went with my parents to a casino, I didn't win enough to get more tattoos :( I broke even I lost 150 yeasterday and won it back today before we came home so wasn't too bad, my parents lost a couple hundred I guess, they didn't say much. I missed school today, my second day of Phycology class, that kinda sucks, I hope I'm not behind too much Wednesday, tomorrow I gotta get up early tomorrow for my first EMT class, hopefully I can get everything straight with that, I also have an interview for a place working with the handicap, they kinda took forever to call me back and now I guess they are holding mass interviews at least thats what it seems, but I am gonna try to kick into the place, I definately could use the extra money and I am tired of my face breaking out from working in fast food again, I don't think my coworkers will be wuite as fun but give and take, its all got good and bads right... Well I am off to do some homework and then try to get to bed early. And if u were drunkdialed, let me know what was said cuz HB didn't talk to me, the crazy chick is kind of ignoring my and SM hasn't returned my calls, I have no clue what was said, the guy IU think did it was wasted and says he doesn't remember so.... I can only apologize and say it really wasn't me!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Silverstein Xs 5!!!!

So last night was the best concert ever and probably the 3rd best day of my life! It started pretty bad traffic sucked getting to Detroit, I kinda got losed because some roads were blocked and cops were directing traffic, I finally decided to just park, I found a lot. My phoine kept just shutting off, it wouldn't stay on, then it wouldn't even turn on. The lot ended up being right around the corner from the venue. I didn't get anyone to go with me, I went in the bar next to it, sat had a couple drinks talked to the bartenders til doors opened. I'm not going to go into it about the bands cuz I only got a couple hours sleep and gotta go to school in half hour. Smoke and water or something was cool during it I made some guy buy me a beer for talking shit. Comeback Kid kicked fucking ass some chick came up and started making out with me. SIlverstein of course was great but still didn't play already dead, I also made out with this girls friend. Also during Silverstein I shoved back some guy who got pissed off and punched me in the face, as he tried to do it a second time I grabbed his arm and broke it. I finally got to do one of the fucking moves I learned in hand to hand combat.I grabbed his arm over my shoulder and just yanked the fucker, he just kind of ran off. It was fucking hilarious, I do have a bit of a mark on my cheek though. Rise Against was very good I definately want to see them again too! But got to make out with 2 chicks and break a dudes arm, I don't think I can top that. Hell I don't think I ever even made out at a concert when I went with a girlfriend, I kissed but not like that. Then on the drive home I had to drive though a fucking monsoon! I could barely see the road!!! But I got home safe and have a great story. Good things, bad things, and great fucking memories! But I should have some pics, I'll try to post them sometime this weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Saliva and other shit

So Sunday I did get to see Saliva play in my small ass fucking town! Barely! So we have been having floods and shit, they couldn't play at Kmart parking lot because it was raining so they moved it over to the latin american club which they said could only hold 550 people, they solde about 1500 tickets! So this means big riot in small town right. We got there plenty early(me and my cousin) but I was hungover(still drunk) I stayed up all night with some guys from work drinking, so I took a nap in my car when I woke up there was a long ass line. I noticed that I knew like everyone working security and shit. We waited in the cold ass wind and freezing rain for 3 hours til they opened the doors and then they let people in and stopped 5 people from us and said they were full. My friends said they'd get us in a side door but then they came back and said they could let 20 more people in, so we were good. They actually had a shitton more room but that was the "maximun occupancy". But had a good time, it was my 13 year old cousins first concert, little kids had a mosh pit going but cops came in and busted it up, these cops were fucking stupid! A 9 year old crowd surfed, a sherrif fucking threw people to get the kid down and then dragged off a guy who helped pick him up, if he fucking wanted up who cares its a fucking rock show!!

Tomorrow I am going to see Rise Against, Silverstein, and Comeback Kid!! in Detroit, I can't find anyone to go with me :( this town sucks, I almosist had this 17 year old kid I work with but he has to go school shopping with his mom! I just keep busting his balls, hes funny. But all my friends who would dig that music fucking work and that is only like 3 people! Whatever, I'll just waste money on an extra ticket like usual!

Today was my first day of school!! I have Psychology on Monday and Wednesday, EMT Basic on Tuesday and Biology on Friday! Kinda sucks I couldn't get at least a couple on the same day since I have to drive like 20 miles to the place but whatever, I can deal with one class a day. I also got my first check at work, that fucking sucked!!!!! I was getting twice that every fucking week, but I am getting this every 2 weeks!! I will not be able to pay my bills, thank god to my GI Bill that should start paying me to go to school here next month! I had to take out a loan to get me to then! I finally got my tat finished, I just got some green background for Homer and Bart, some negative stars, it looks cool! I was talking to him about what I wanted for my other arm, an actual heart with a dagger through it, he said we could put the heart in the middle of the barbed wire I already have and make it work! I am going gambeling with my parents this weekend for my moms bday, hopefully I will win again so I can pay some bills and start on my other arm! I want to be fucking covered with tats! I have some more ideas! But here is a couple of pics from the show sunday! Oh yeah the guitarist I think his name was Johnny got a tat at the shop I go to before the show! They are supposed to come back to play a makeup show for those who didn't get in, I still got my ticket so I will be there!

Below is the guy who got the tat!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Tattoo and some Darma

So I really don't have anything much to say. But I figured I'd update a little and put some pics up of my half sleeve for those of you who haven't seen it, feel free to comment on it. I love it, it should have been finished yesterday but we had some miscommunication so it will be finished Tuesday all thats left is putting a green background on the inside behind Homer and Bart. I like all the different fonts we used for each word, I just wish my "box at the elbow looked a little more like a box. I like the way my heart at the tip of it isn't a full heart, its incomplete. There were just little things that the tat guy suggested and helped make things better, I wish I had the drawing I went in with it was quite funny considering I have no artistic ability whatsoever! I was trying to draw and squeeze this box and words all on the inside of my arm which would never have fit, but that ws one of the main things I really wanted! I just didn't know how to put it on or fit it in. But whatever I love the work he did and I love the work on my arm!! I am sad that it will be over, I am trying to figure out what next, I am thinking about a dagger though a bleeding heart or something. I have to put something on my other arm cuz all it has is barbed wire and looks naked now compare to this! but here they are.

But hope everyone has a good weekend, I will be working though I am supposed to meet a new friend tomorrow before work, we'll see if shes as phyco as the last one. I've talked to her a couple of times, she seems cool but I guess she is religious, we'll see how much cuz we know that ain't my style. But I told the other chick that it was over and she got pissy and gave me attitude about the chick who left me some comments on myspace. Her fucking boyfriend was just here, she fucked him, it broke our deal and I told her that. Then she started saying well its 4 more months until he'll be back and that she was thinking about telling him to forget it and breaking it off and blah blah blah. I thought about telling her I thought about being a millionaire, it doest change the reality huh. But instead I didn't say shit, I don't have to say shit, we didn't really have anything but she got pissy and said she was going to bed. Fucking crazy, she's the one cheating on her boyfriend and gonna try to guilt me. Women! Whatever, I don't repect cheaters anyway anyone who knows me knows that. Why was I the other guy, because I was lonely and if it wasn't me it'd just be someone else so why not. Plus we were straight up with each other, there was no commitment, I at least had the decency to tell her that it wasn't going on anymore instead of just ignoring her cuz I did think about doing that too. Whatever, lets see if she starts talking shit now.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

So lets see what was the last post?? I didn't get to see Silversun Pickups yet again, I probably never will, my friend that lives in Columbus was up here, we hung out there was a huge birthday party, it was fun. I swear I hate him though, Uncle Tom would understand.... he can pick up any instrument and play it well. Some fucking alien thing could fall from the sky and he could probably make good music with it in 10 minutes. I keep telling him he has to teach me, we'll see though. But Saliva is playing here next Sunday so I will definately be seeing them, but I guess we probably won't get much time to hang out with them, I guess the drummers mom just died. Then I bought tickets for Silverstein, Rise against, and Comeback kid up in Detroit next Thursday. Hopefully I can find someone to drag with me, all the other concerts I put off buying tix until something came up and I couldn't go so I bought these already because its fucking Silverstein and its a new fucking album so I have to see them, plus I like the other bands!!

Lets see the drama with that chick, she just hasn't talked to me all week, so yeah I am done with her, she is in love or thats what shes saying on myspace so I am done, I am not going to fuck with love. I pretty much thought she was by the way she'd talk to him on the phone. Plus like I said I don't need that shit, let someone else deal with it. My son said he ran into her at the store when he was with his mom, that should have been funny especially since she was probably with her boyfriend and my son was with his mom... But whatever I have been talking with some other people and shit. I start school in a week and a I am going to be busy as shit... About time! Well I need to go play with my kid, I think we'll go to the park today even though its probably gonna be hot as hell yet again!