Monday, October 19, 2009

October Update

Wouldn't it be awesome if I came in saying that I won the lottery or something great happened... Yeah but that type of shit don't happen to me! SO where shall we start? Work still sucks, I am getting more hours, 37 a week, at my main job which still isn't enough to really afford my bills, I am still working 1 day a week at the other job til the end of the month. I am really tired of it, the autistic guy I work with is a real pain in the ass and has gotten physical with me, last week he ripped off my necklace for the 2nd time and scratched a nice gash in my neck. I am still not sure how I restrained myself but I did remain somewhat calm and took a couple deep breaths. But thats enough to put me over the edge.
Lets see last I was waiting to hear from the nursing program, if I can come up with 100 by the end of the month I can be on the list to finish my classes in spring of 2011... so I am going to start in Jan for a degree in Visual communications, photography, video, and web stuff that I have always enjoyed. Again I doubt I will find a job as that but I will at least be able to get my GI bill while waiting for the nursing. And who knows maybe I will come across a job in it... then I won't have to go back.
In other news still just sit around most the time I'm not at work. Got a big Halloween party on Sat that should be fun as hell, we are havin a hairy buffalo, kewler stew, grog, or whatever you wanna call it when u mix a shitload of clear alcohols in a cooler with fruit. I will be going as a priest, well a catholic one because I will be flashing my goods and harassing little boys, well boys since everyone has to be over 21. But should be fun... Thats about it for now, hope everyone elses lives are going better!