Monday, August 04, 2008

The Kills and The Black Keys

So I bought these tickets way back when they were first announced, during pre-sale actually. I love the Kills and It made me listen to the Black Keys and they are badass as well. So They were supposed to play Headliners in Toledo, which was now my concert spot. It wasn't as cool as The Black Cat in DC but it was the best for this area. Well a couple weeks ago I saw it was moved to a new venue, the Toledo Civic Theater. SO I kept my hopes up, this was to be the first concert at this place. Well come to find out the fuckin local government had spent a shitload of money repairing this building and somehow shut down Headliners and all the acts that were due to go there are now going to the Civic. Well the Civic is a hanger for a small plane. Picture that, it has food and shit on the sides and beer. I didn't try the food because I am poor, but looked pretty good. In the back were food court tables. Apparently the govenor was there and stuff but whatever. And up front, the stage is up about 3 or 4 feet, with steps the whole length of the stage in front, and then a baracade in front of that, so if your against the rail, you are still like 4 ft from the stage, it isn't close and personal like headliners. Headliners had enough space for security to catch surfers and that was it.

There were no opening bands, frist up was the Kills, VV was looking as hot as ever!! They kicked ass as always! The played a good mix of songs off their new and old albums. I was getting pissed cuz people in the crowd were talking shit and asking if they were done yet, if my knuckles weren't already fucked up I was about to punch one guy. I'll explain the knuckles later. I was pissed they had no merch and didn't come out and least that I saw. And because of the crappy shit I explained at the begining, I didn't get any good pics.

Black Keys Had a great light show, definately played for the hippies. But they did rock. I've been listening to 2 of their albums and they played a lot of songs I didn't know so I don't know if they were from earlier one, I think I had their latest. But it was hot as hell so I grabbed a beer and headed back a ways and instead of a mosh pit, there was a hippie dance pit... Uncle Tom would have felt right at home! But the music all night was pretty good, I was just disappointed in the venue and really don't wanna go back, I know there are a couple other smaller venues around, hope that the bands will go there so I can check them out. But thats all for now, hope to update on life soon....