Friday, November 09, 2007

Biology Bitching!!

First of all I hate my fucking biology class and not so much the class as the teacher and the fucking people in it. The people in this area are so fucking retarded! I am almost positive I was never that fucking closed minded! before we spent an entire class talking about how some of the kids, yes some are still in high school but taking college classes, grew up and never saw a black person before and how tramatizing it was when one moved into their neighborhood. Then we talk about how stupid they thing evolution is. Let me get this straight you think it is stupid to think that the world has evolved out of a single cell. Yeah how stupid is that, we all know that a dude snapped his fucking fingers and created the world! For me honestly both are too fucking extreme and to be honest who really gives a flying fuck!! We are here, we have documentation of what has happened for a couple hundred years, thats good enough! Fucking people! I swear I am far from fucking sofisticated but these people make me sick to believe that I grew up here. I hate it! my baby mama was talking about moving to Oklahoma or some shit again, she's mentioned it before. I honestly think that if she does I am going back into the Navy and getting the hell out of here. If my son is not here I have no reason to be here. I don't make shit for money, I can't do shit for fun, I still only have a couple friends, and I am fucking miserable living as a bum! I don't know if miserable is the right term but I hate the fact that I have to rely on my parents for food sometimes and the fact I am always broke and have no money to go have fun or have to drive 2 hours to see a good concert and still don't really have anyone to go with. Hell if I am gonna live like this I might as well be living in the barracks or on a ship and getting paid more right. I miss it unfortunatly! I miss meeting people with totally different backgrounds and still having the same views or just being able to meet new people in general. Around here I don't really wanna because they are fucking idiots, I know there are a lot in the military too but there you are kinda forced to meet everyone, here I can choose not to. I don't remember where I was going with all of this but for real I am tired of these stupid fucking ignorant redneck fuckers! I joke around sometimes about racist shit and stereotypes and everything but in all honesty anyone is a person and I have no opinion of them until they give me something, talk to me, I see you act a certain way to form an opinion. I'm not gonna sit here and think all black people are criminals, all asian are super smart, and all fucking white males are evil! Yeah we also talked about how tall white males are the perferred choice of women, I am a tall white male, and yeah look at me fight them fucking off with a stick!! FUcking morons! Maybe god should have snapped his fingers a little fucking harder in some of their brains, or just squished them! I'm out, need to go workout or something. I have been working out at least 3 times a week, I can run a mile in 8 minutes again, I am actually starting to enjoy, I must be fucking losing my mind here right!