Friday, August 03, 2007

Here comes the drama!!

Well lets begin with work isn't too bad. It kinda sucks knowing I went from a cushy job making 20/hr to sweating my ass off in a kitchen for less than 7. But whatever lifes got its ups and downs, a couple months ago I was haapy and in love too, now I am single and the chick I am fucking is a nut. So her "boyfriend" or whatever that lives in Florida and wanted to move up around Christmas is now coming up for a visit next weekend. I am trying to decide if I should use this as an out or not. We had a deal, only have sex with each other, that was it no other commitments except to not sleep woth other people. Well she is more than likly gonna sleep with him so that breaks our deal. But I like having her around, I am shy I can't just go out and even drunk, find a girl and make out with or take home or whatever. I have a couple of times but it is rare and was a whole lot easier in a big place like DC instead of here where I will see that person again or someone there will see it and talk shit and my business will be all over or whatever. SO that is my personal inner debate right now. She is cool and all but she tells the same damn stories over and over. Shes had a rough life but I am tired of hearing how her ex husband beat her and this and that, once is enough. She was raped once and almost raped another, ok, once I know that is it, I don't want to hear it over and over again. That wouldn't be a subject that I think I would want to keep bringing up anyways. Then I find out this "boyfriend" is a friend that she hasn't actually seen in person for like 10 years or something crazy like that. How fucking nuts is that? He calls her like 20 times a day and it sucks when I am with her she still answers it. So then I have to sit and listen to her fucking talk sweetie to him then come sit on my lap and start kissing on me. That is just weird, it makes me feel like an asshole and I don't like feeling like an asshole. Then now there are a shitload of hotties at work but they all look like jailbait, I haven't asked anyones age just so I don't feel like a complete perv. I like everyone I work with except there is one dumbass that no one likes. I was supposed to go see Silversun Pickups monday in Toledo but they sold out before I could get tix but they are playin a festival thing in Columbus so I am gonna have a friend get some tix for me and I can go down and stay with him. I haven't seen him for a couple years, it should be fun. I think thats about it for now. I gotta get up and open in the morning, I need to go to sleep but I am not that tired yet. It sucks!