Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love Dare Day 2

SO Love Dare day 2 is about showing kindness. This didn't go quite as planned. I do usually help with the house clean up. She generally cooks but lately I do dishes and help clean up as well as keep up with the laundry. SO I worked 12 hours so got home right at supper time. She did not need my help cooking as usual. While I was eating she excused herself and started on dishes, I said I would do them but she continued. My last act that I had planned to perform was a massage, she used to beg me to rub her. SO was we were getting ready for bed I asked if I could rub her. She said no. I told her that I would really like to and she finally agreed. But while I was rubbing her I noticed her getting increasingly upset and started to cry. I thought this might be a break thru. But she didn't want to tell me why. Said that  it was over and would just hurt me. I asked if it was the other man, she says no. I pry and pry to figure out what I have done now. Here I am trying everything I can think of to save my marriage and I'm watching it circle the toilet. Finally she says it is because I made her lose her son who moved out. I try to talk being especially careful not to say anything negative. But it was a losing battle that ended with me sleeping on the couch. I told her that I was going to contact her son as part of my AA to make amends with those I hurt and he is one of them. She begged me not to contact him. I explained that it is not like I can make any matters worse than they are. He is gone, she is blaming me and I already feel as I have lost her. I did contact him this morning and he did answer me and she says that I never do what she asks and only do what I want. I just don't understand. If she says it is my fault, then it is my mess to clean up, she isn't supposed to clean up after me. But I am not sure. A while ago we bought tickets to the symphony and that is tomorrow. I am nervous. We can't even hold hands or a conversation anymore. What are we going to do in public? I always want to hold her hand and kiss her but she seems repulsed by my touch... I guess I'll just have to try day 3 and keep moving in hopes something will help.