Thursday, July 05, 2007


SO I have been facing some temptations lately. As I have stated I have quit smoking, that was actually easy. I sometimes want one but it really isn't that bad. I have been getting my arm covered with tattoos, I don't want to stop, I want to keep going, but I am running out of money and really need to find a job. But the greatest temptation is actually Jim Beam. I have done really good on not drinking, only drinking beer when I am at a party or something. Last weekend I went to a "club" (well place where they play music and you can dance, not really much of a club though) and in my attempt to get the courage to dance a friend got us yager bombs and the Beam and cokes. It was almost like Frank the Tank in old school, "just once it hit your lips!" and I really wanted to go get more and since I want to go get a bottle, the shits like crack to me! I have been keeping myself out of depression though I have been feeling a little blue with the money situation, and some other things but I wouldn't think I was to the point I have been before where I need to drown myself in a bottle. Obviously we all get to the point once in a while where we want to just go out and get fucked up and fucked. But I don't know I just feel like I need to get some. I don't understand, but I am not giving in. Everything lately has been about me not giving in to the temptations I feel, well except for sex, but whatever. Now I just need to get better at not putting everything off, like finding a job!!! Well I am off back to the tattoo studio, I am posting as we go pics on my myspace, I will post the final pics here whenever we get finished!