Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stomach Problems back

SO my stomach problems came back since I have been back in the barracks. This means the reason lies in my room. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 things. My water bottles, they are about a year old, I just refill them from the faucet and put them back in the fridge. Maybe they have grown mold or something. My Homer Simpson drinking mug. I drink from it almost every night and rince it and put it back in the freezer, it has started to become discolored. Then there's the water in general, I drink it and make ice with it. I should be able to eliminate these and see where it leaves me. I will but a couple gallons of water and throw away the bottles and also my one at work which is almost as old. Wash my mug and see if problems go away. I know it's not the Beam because I had it still my first couple days in the field. Not the diet because my weekend back at Chris's I had no problem. I wish I was a scientist and could test these different items and find out what exactly is causing this. Like on "House MD" the other day they were testing al kinds of pesticides and the finding traces of a certain kind on a pair of pants. I could swipe my water bottles and mug and test the water for all different kinds of bacterias. It's kind of cool that I don't do much in my room that I can narrow it down to 3 things. Tonight I am supposed to go hang out with Uncle Tom, I have been her almost 3 years and have not been to his house or canowine's. Hell canowine wouldn't let me meet his wife til a couple months ago she came in the office and I was I am the black sheep of the office. Oh well I have a shitload of work that I need to do today since I put most of it off yesterday. A week from today I'll be in VEGAS BABY!!!