Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday still

iT IS ALMOST 11 i AM On my I don't know what drink and about to pop a benedryl and pass out after I drunk dial some people including old SM which I haven't talked to in a long while though I know it's just be one of those awkward conversations. I been playing Halo for the past 3 and 1/2 hours waiting for someone to call me and ask me to do something which is not going to happen. I been doing pretty good but now am getting drunker which means I yell more and kill less. Whatever I can't wait til Vegas Baby, I am going to party all night and sleep all day. At least that is my plan with the heat. I'll probably end up falling asleep on the street somewhere like a loser. No one is going to show up. It's going to be me and Chris, me getting drunk and him losing his money. I will want to be cool and go to the clubs and pretend I am someone I am not and then fail miserably and end up sitting at the bar and not talking to anyone but the bartender. Though if I get drunk enough maybe I will grow balls and act like the way women want men who are dogs. I doubt it. Who fucking knows. Today was my last day at work Thank god. Monday and Tueaday I will probably go to my second job So I can have money when I get back for Warped tour and perhaps a TRIP TO ri, cg SAID THE VOICE ON HER PHONE WAS HER SISTER'S Fiance or husband that she will be giving her phone to when she leaves. Damn cap locks, I am too lazy to fix it. Oh well almost time to. It had a sticker price on it. I tried to scrape it off, I need to buy an amp and cord for it. I was at Uncle Toms last night, me him and his brother was jamming out. It was cool, his brother said to bring them next time I came over. Tom was funny as shit, both of them whooped my ass at foozeball, I was trying to get Tom drunk so I could win, I had him falling over when he squated but then he wouldn't play. I need to go over there more often, He cooked me some steak with sauteed mushrooms, rice. It was awesome. Best meal I have had in a long time, and for home cooked thats probably been a couple years now. Ok I am slurring my typing time to drunk dial and fall asleep. Goodnight all, hope you Fri wAS BETTER THAN MINE, AS USUAL.