Monday, August 01, 2005

Ahhhhh Vacation

It's nice to sleep til 11 though I then jumped up and was out the door by 1130 to get to my second job. That's only so I'll have money when I get back from Vegas. After paying my bills this weekend I saw that I have up to a little more than $1500 to blow. Granted probably 300 is going to go to my new tattoo that I am planing of getting there. My reaper on my bare leg that I have been debating on spending my money on for a little over a year now, what better memory of my trip than a tat. That should be more than enough to spend a little gambling and drinking. I want to see at least one showgirl show out there, they are kind of expensive, I was looking them up earlier, they range from like $50 bucks and up. So if I have to I may have to cover Chris's expense since it is something I want to do, I don't mind, I need to talk to him about it. I have to buy some contacts today or tomorrow to be sure I don't end up having to wear my glasses. I need to find out if he wants me to give him a mohawk. I was thinking about doing it but he brought it up and is used to being bald so it's all him. I'll just have my hair spiked. My mom asked me last night if I was packed and ready yet, I said of course not. I am going for 4 days. I'll throw everything together probably tomorrow night or so. I was also looking up some of the clubs but don't know about them. Dress codes are a big thig that pisses me off. Coyote Ugly is casual, a place called Bikinis says "fashionable", what the hells fasionable? Studio 54 is out it says no Tennis shoes, boots, jeans, t-shirts. I should go in my boxers and in sandals. I hate dressing up unless it's one of those times where I do it for someone else because I want to, like a date or something and even then I hardly wear khakis or a dress shirt, or dress shoes. Usually just one or the other and dress shoes are only for court and funerals. So I will go with my normal jean shorts and t-shirts and maybe I will throw a pair of khakis and my silky dragon shirt in, but no room for dress shoes. Well Vans shouldn't be considered tennis shoes. Hmmmmm. Who cares if they don't want me to come in as me they can burn down, I'm not going in as someone else. Well my boss is here. So need to get off here. #more days til Vegas Baby!!