Friday, May 18, 2007

New Apartment

So while I was home I got to see the apartment I'll be living in when I move back home. I don't read my own blog so I forget if I mentioned my parents live in/own a duplex. I will be living in the apartment upstairs. It is bigger and kinda nicer than the one I was living in when I met HB. It is a fixer upper. There were leaks from the roof, it had been empty for over a year and my parents never went up there. So there was mold, they are cleaning it, there are water spots on the ceiling that I will need to paint eventually. There were nails all over the walls. I don't mean like they had a lot of pictures, I mean big long nails covering a couple walls. The ones in the kitchen dad said they hung their pots on. In the living room there was a picture of Jesus that I said was coming down. Mom got upset with me and asked why, I told her I was atheist, apparently I have never mentioned this to them. She told me that I wasn't. I laughed, they probably can't remember the last time they ever went to church and they are gonna try to tell me my beliefs. But that was about the end of that conversation. I think I can make the place look pretty nice, it is only a one bedroom so I will have to share with my son, but I usually did when I was back there anyway, it just sucks cause he makes funny sounds when he sleeps and it annoys me and keeps me awake. The only good thing is I really don't have to pay rent but I know my parents need extra money so I will probably give what I can until I find a job. I still have no clue what I am going to or even what I want to do, the strategy is to send my resume and fill out applications online for state jobs that interest me and the first one to hire me is what I'll do. I just want some good money and benefits. If I don't like the job I'll work until I find another one. I do want to go back to school but it is kinda pointless when if I go for my radiation stuff, even with a degree I probably won't find a job doing it close to there. So who knows, if I find something I like I may go to school for it. But besides that nothing new so far, just going day by day. Hopefully Uncle Tom will come over and hang out sometime in the next week and Canowine might come down for a show or something, one last horrah I guess. Well hope everyone has a good weekend, we may go down and see the joint service air show at Andrews, it sounded pretty cool, I never saw one.