Monday, December 12, 2005

Boring weekend

My weekend was pretty good though I feel cheap and used. Friday night HB and I fell asleep trying to watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory. She had to wake up early for work, I went ahead to my other job since I had to get up anyway. At my other job I spent awhile blog surfing since I haven't done it for a while, I came across a good one by a boy who died about 6 months ago, Horace Finkle is a funny 13 year old who died in a car crash and is stuck wondering the earth. Good readings. Then Chris and I were supposed to have a guys night out which turned into sitting at his place watchin tv(his girl was there so it wasn't OUR time) then he made me drive him to IKEA to get some furniture and then we had to put it together before we could go out. SO we had some drinks while putting together bookshelves and dressers and then he wanted to finish watchin the movie on tv. After me nagging and bitching, at midnight we went and played pool for about an hour while having a couple more drinks. I won a couple games and then I almost got kicked out right after we got our check, I had to do something to keep me entertained. Apparently you can't wear stocking hats in Champions, so when we got our check I put my hat back on and a bouncer guy started walking towards us and then Chris gave the waiter the check and we started walking out. Bouncer guy just walked to the waiter and probably asked if I was wearing the hat the whole time or something. We laughed at him and the stupidity that you can wear a baseball cap turned whichever which way to represent the gang your in but I can't wear a skull cap that has flames on them, that keeps my head warm and my crazy hair unknown to the world. Fuck them all in their stupid nazi asses! We went back to his place watched some more tv, I passed out and woke up snuggling with a big stuffed purple hippo. I don't think I tried to molest it but I may have a case of sexomnia. Sunday I spent the day with HB just being lazy, watching tv at my place and then going to hers where I helped her clean house, she kept telling me to stop, even though I helped dirty the place and the dishes. Some of those dishes were RANKASSHIT! My attempted chocolate covered strawberries that were in a tubaware was the first nastiness, my god that made me wanna puke, then Gabe had some sippies that at one time held milk in them. Everytime I couldn't help but make a sound and a face and she'd turn and just laugh at me. It wasn't really funny, It was stinky! Then we laid in bed and talked for a while, I really like that, we just lie there and talk about random things about our past or whatnot. And now I'm here on a Monday, got my checkout sheet, need to go around and tell everyone I'm fucking out of here. Wednesday is my going away lunch which no one will probably show up to except for a few and my office, which I am completely fucking fine with. I don't want people to show up just for food and pretend to be my friends. Thusday is officially my last day here and I will be walking through the halls naked with lipstick on my ass telling everyone to put their lips there!