Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fake Monday

Yep this morning I had to resume getting my lazy ass up before dawn, good news is it's still Thursday, so tomorrow is Friday! I didn't get as many hours in at my other job as I really wanted to but enough that I should have a nice check on the 15th, added to my Navy paycheck which gives me a week to buy my Christmas presents before I go home. Thankfully I should be done here at this command by that time so I will be working more again for money after christmas and saving to trade in my piece of shit minivan that is about to collapse under me while driving. It seems everytime I go home I have problems with my vehicle that makes my drive fun as hell worrying about breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no one able to come get my ass. I am still going to Color Guard practice today even though I've already said that I was pretty much done with it, but it gets me out of the office and I get to hang with Uncle Tom, Chris, and my lovely HB who joined! Actually I have to go up for that here in a bit and need to get my smoke on before then so this is a short update. I am still alive thus far, Hope everyones day goes good!