Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yesterday's post was about death so I will make todays post about Life. This morning on the way to work they were talking about THIS A skydiver that landed face first in a parking lot after parachute malfuntioned and survived and during here emergency room visit found out that she was 2 weeks pregnant and the baby was still alive and well. You can watch the video and see her HERE. It is quite amazing.

Last night I went with Uncle Tom to ring the bell for the salvation army. It was kind of fun except for the 22* weather. He took a pic of me in the smock and crap that I will post later when I get home. It was fun, old people mostly gave and little kids would get money from their parents to put into the pot. Uncle Tom brought candy canes to give to the kids, it was cool. Ringing the bell was harder than I thought. At first it wasn't too bad though I noticed I couldn't keep a steady ring, I kept changing the pace and loudness. Then as my hands went numb and my fingers became stiff I had to shake my whole hand to get a sound and that was even worse. Then when I had to switch to my left hand it was horendous. We started talking about if someone tried to steal the pot, we wouldn't be able to do anything, out feet were way to numb and sore to be able to run after anyone. It was kind of fun though, we just kind of BS'd and it was nice to know that we were doing something to help out. He's trying to do it like twice a week which is really great. I'd do it with him but I need to make money at my other job. I stayed the night and we went back and drank some beer with his bro and talked. First thing his bro said to me is "hey Tom says you've got a girlfriend and she's hot!" I just started laughing and said "yeah, she's really hot!" His bro is awesome, we talked a bit about Tom's bachelor party in March that we are to plan. Good times!

Today is my going away luncheon here. We are going to Hard Times get some good Chili! I'm not putting on my uniform today and tomorrow I'm going to be naked so I guess I'm not wearing camoflauge again unless it's to play paintball or something. I get paid tomorrow and oh almost foprgot tomorrow Rachael Ray is going to be at the mall signing autographs and canowine bet Uncle Tom he wouldn't ask to get a pic of him kissing her on the cheek. I know he will wuss out so I am to go for one to take the pic and 2 because I am sure I'll have to do the talking as he is drooling and tripping over his tongue. Like both of them did on the way back from one of our excercises and the Polyphonic Spree were on the plane with us and I had to go up and introduce us and get the singers autograph for canowine. Wusses both of them! Plus I have to go listen to Mother Against Drunk Driving at night to, so I'm sure that'll be fun. Happy Humpday one and all!