Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New choices for a New Year

SO again, it's a new year and this is the year that choice are going to have to be made. This is my last year in the military. I still need to decide what I want to do with my life. Next week I will be checking into my new command. First up I need to decide what the hell I'm gonna do with my hair, it's gotten pretty long. I kind of like it cuz I don't have to do anything but put my hat on and it forms to my head, no gel needed. I'd just need to get the bottom cut, though I will probably go back to the same high and tight that I've had the past 3 years. I need to drop my uniforms off tomorrow to get my rank sewn on since I'll be wearing actual Navy uniforms again. I need to decide when I'm gonna start taking college courses and what in. I need to talk to my new command and find out if I ccan change my hours so I can keep my other job or else I won't be getting here until late which means I'd need to stay later and then probably not see HB during the week. It just seems like so much is changing this year, which actually it is. At least it's starting out on a pretty good start, I am happily in love, not an alcoholic anymore, practiced some pretty good self control while I was home even though my cousin tried to get me in trouble(wait that was last year, but still). I hope this year keeps going this smoothly for me. Hell if I had some more money and HB was happier I'd say life couldn't get any better, but that'd be a lie. Life can always be better. I'm a little saad to see other bloggers year not starting off good. HB, TG, Kelbel, Jasika, Branshine, ok well almost everyone I read or at least check whenever there is a computer near me. I hope things pick up for all of you. I may be sugarcoating my life a little but hell it's alot better than where I was for the most part of 2005. I just hope that I make all the right choices this year and my path keeps going uphill. I don't mind curves or bumps as long as it's still going up. Now I need to go stare at the mirror and decide what to do. First things first...lol. Happy Tuesday.