Thursday, January 19, 2006

Poe Toaster

For those of you who can't listen to the audio blogs below. So I couldn't talk anyone into sitting outside of the cemetary in Bmore. SO I went by myself. After counseling I stopped at 7-11 for supplies, I got a bottle of gatorade and 4 AMPs, the had more sugar than Redbull. I ended up peeing in the gatorade bottle because I didn't wanna go pee and miss it. I got there about 1130 and sat in my car right outside and then took a couple pics of what I thought to be a grave but I guess it was just a memorial. As I sat outside I wonder how a manically depressed, incest writer could influence so many people as the crowd outside got larger, ended up being about 20 people mostly Teenagers and their parents. On the memorial Edgars name actually faced the brick wall surrounding the place, Maria, his aunt/mother-in law, faced out towards the street. The crowd was growing standing in the freezing cold not certain what time the "ceremony" was to take place. I just kept thinking about how wierd it was that I found out about it right before it was to happen. Eventually I left my car to go listen to these people and see what they were thinking about. I found out that the guy wasn't going to do this at the memorial, he was going to do it at his actual grave that is buried around the building where we could not see. This place had 3 gates to enter/exit, all but one were locked, I checked when I first got there. Around 2 2 of us noticed someone inside way across the way, we went around to see if we could see him. We found a ladder against a wall in an alley next to a dumpster. We were seeing if we could see him from around there, one guy climbed tha ladder. While we were doing this apparently he ran out of the other side we were originally at, where some others were still standing. After looking around confused some teens decided to go through this open gate and see the grave, I decide to go as well and see if I could get a pic. We go running around to where we thought the grave may be and then there were people on a balcony yelling for us to get out. At first I thought it was a couple of people who got a head start running but then realized they were serious so I ran for my life. I wasn't getting in trouble for breaking and entering, or tresspassing or any shit like that, I'm on probation. But that was about it. Then I went home, got there about 230 and then had to get back up at 530. I am tired as fucking shit!! Gonna need lots of smokes today and probably trips down to Starbucks. But this kind of cancels my idea of trying to beat him to it because no one will see his reaction, including me. But I was thinking that during the next year I am going to stake this place out, maybe jump the wall some night(probably when it's warm) and look around and maybe next year instead of waiting outside, I'll wait near the grave and try to take a pic or scare him or something. This will probably take a lot of planning though, because I'll assume that these people who were yelling at us from the balcony watch the grave closely to make sure that the Poe Toaster does his thing and leaves without fucking with anything. But I have faith in myself to find ways to accomplish this. Plus I'll be out of the navy and off probation! Well I hope everyone has a better Thusday than me. I also forgot that I have to go to M.A.D.D. tonight, so that blows goats, and I forgot what time I'm supposed to be there. Oh well.