Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Command

SO yesterday and today I have been checking into my new command. Everyone seems nice enough but it's just not my usual crew. Although I do have a nice big desk and there is a window in the office. But I can't check my yahoo email. Luckily though I can still get to blogger! Sorry I've been busy and unable to blog lately. As usual I have been speding time with HB and things are still going great! I still haven't messed anything up and we still yet to have an actual fight or even argument. We talked about it the other day and both of us thought it was odd. I may have to do something stupid just so we can have a fight. I'm actually suprised I haven't yet...that's my thing....it's what I do. But suprisingly this morning I put on my uniform that I can't remember the last time I wore but I got it in boot camp 4 years ago and it still fit thankfully, though it is getting really snug around the stomach. But I'm not buying new ones, I just have to fit in it for one more year! I did however have to buy new boots since the ones for this uniform became my concert boots when I thought I'd never wear it again. Oh yeah I finally got new shoes to replace my stinky ones this weekend. HB say they look like old man ugly shoes, they are quite hideous but they don't have stings, you just slide them on, which is what I do anyway, the stings just get in the way. We also went and bought some new CDs since both of us were complaining of getting tired of the ones in our cars. I bought As I lay dying, Funeral for a friend, CKY, and she bought me the new Lynyrd Skynyrd "Thyrty" album, canowine, you'll have to burn it! And she got 30 seconds to mars, Fallout boy(sellouts), and Dane Cook. All in all pretty good music and Dane is hilarious! This is my first time to sit down all day from running around. I am starving to death and need to get in the habit of bringing lunch or else I'll be down eating subway, pizzahut, taco bell, or whatever else they have down there spending all my money. MMMMMMM grilled stuffed burrito, yeah I'm going down to get one, but also they said that it shouldn't be a problem for me coming in and leaving early so that's awesome. They asked me what I'm gonna do when I get out and I just kind of laughed. I said I'm gonna work at my other job for a year or two and then possibly travel. It depends on too many factors right now to say what's gonna happen. Does HB really want to reenlist and if so for how long, does she want to stay in this area or go back to texas, will she get fed up with me and dump me before we even get that far. Who knows, planning sucks anyway, it's not adventerous. Anytime I try to plan something it goes to shit. SO fuck it live life and have fun right, and I am always having fun with HB. Well time for my burrito.

P.S. The other enlisted guy who sits in front of me is actually taking a nap under his desk, I think I am really going to like this place!!