Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Review

SO I had a pretty exciting weekend. Friday when I got off work I went home and took a nap and woke up with one of my eyes hurting. It continued to get sharp pains in it from time to time and kept watering and going blurry, this continued all weekend. That's enough to make anyone have a great time. I wanted an eye patch so I could be a pirate but was too lazy to go to the store to get one. It didn't hurt too bad yesterday and today it seems to be back to normal, and I'm wearing my contacts again so I am happy. That was pretty much my excitment, HB and I watched Hostel at my place and it was pretty good even though the sound was a little messed up. We went and walked around IKEA, that wasn't all that fun, too many yuppies even on a Sunday. We talked about moving in, they had some really nice rooms already set up, it seems a little rude to actually purchase those things and move them to your house and set them up all over again, might as well take advantage of them now and save time, effort, and money. It all makes since to me at least. I finally finished my book "The burn journals" I would only recommend this book to adults who are happy. As I told HB, if I'd read that book when I was a freshman, I would have set myself on fire. Sure it talked about the pains and physical therapy that lasted a year and the scars and everything but all I got from it was..."if you want attention, look at what this did for me." Plus I would just be sure not to burn my face because it made him self concious and probably would me too. He set himself on fire because he was gonna get in trouble. He gets a letter from president Clinton, meets Majic Johnson, Dennis Miller, talks on the phone to Jay Leno, gets out of school for a year and doesn't have to make it up, get massages from hot girls, has everyone waiting on him hand and foot. Hell sounds like it's be worth it to me. That's the one thing that kind of upset me. While I was reading I kept telling HB that I hope it had a morale at the end but nothing, he goes back to school. The it had the afterward or something for the paperback that said he continued to battle depression and eventually got help and meds that help him now. I still think it would be worth it but that may just be me. I mean hell my parents didn't give me any attention until mom walked in and caught me making a noose out of an extention cord since the rope I had broke in the closet and then she just threw a fit and I got in trouble, but if I'd been on fire I would have gotten all that shit. That's just my outlook on it.

But since I finished that one we went to Borders for me to find a new book. I couldn't find anything that caught my eye so I called Handy dandy Uncle Tom and he had me get: Einstein's Dreams which is pretty good but kind of hard to follow so far, I'm only like 30 pages in, haven't had much time to read it lately but it is a short book with short chapters. And also I was supposed to pick up something about troutfishing in watermelon sugar but I got a different book from the same author I got Richard Brautigan : A Confederate General from Big Sur, Dreaming of Babylon, and the Hawkline Monster which I haven't started yet but he said it was supposed to entertain me for a while. And that's about it I think. Thankfully we finally got our internet back after it was shut down all morning and I was starting to go crazy. Hope everyone has a decent monday!