Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random thoughts

First off I am very upset! Keoki from The Smudge made CNN and they have his name and video of him HERE scroll down to where it says "residents react". "It's shocking" Bastard, I used to live in those apartments too. I only got referred to on CNN, they couldn't reveal my name! He's leaving soon! I hate you Keoki!

My phone here at work is messed up and it's just been annoying me. As far as I know it still works but the screen thing is frozen and it annoys me. Ok I think I fixed it.

A coworker called and asked what I wanted from McD's this morning and he bought me a steak, egg, and cheese bagel! I think I am gonna like this guy more than Uncle Tom and Canowine who never thought of me. Canowine did give me his hashbrown but still!

I am fucking hungry and about to go down and get some Subway again! I alternate between Subway and Taco Bell and getting annoyed. I really have to go to the grocery store and get stuff to bring in here!

I've been listening to From Autumn to Ashes CD that HB bought me and I was digging it. It sounds good but then if you really focus on what their saying they are stupid. I am still trying to figure out if the sound can cancel out lyrics like:

Long to Go

Believe it or not the notes are trying to talk to me
I've got to applaud such valiant efforts
It's not always the party that it seems to be
It can be a complete debacle
These are some occupational hazards
Perhaps You'll try to save my spot?
Just until the album drops
Then I'll be at the capri shop
Adjacent to the graham L stop
Believe it or not we're not the ideal guys to date
So I guess I'm a risky decision
But you did not write me off, you knew that I could change
So I'm studying my guide to safety
It's so hard to tell if this is an artistic achievement
Or am I singing from obligation
When all I want is to feel my heart rate
Accelerate, and we accelerate.

It sounds good while listening then when you focus it sounds stupid, there are other songs tageting the "outsider/Rebel" kids also.