Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back to typing

So right now I am putting the pictures on shutterfly, since we shared our vacation by phone I might as well share the pics too. Check them out here!! I miss having my morning cigarette in the window with our awesome view. I hate the barracks. I got back here about 8 and passed out, at 930 or so there was a knoicking on my door, a constant one that I thought was Chris, I scream what and they keep knocking, finally I sit up a bit and screamed get the fuck away from my door before I fucking kill you. By that time the door opens and 2 guys come in to inspect my room. They were trying to yell at me for having shit all over and taking up the whole room when I don't have a room mate. I covered my head with the blanket and said that I am on leave and got back from vegas at 5am. They kept talking and told me to clean it up by tomorrow, I said yeah what ever. I didn't see what rank they were I know they were less than E-7 because they were wearing utilities. Then on the way out one said he thought I was bullshiting him, I said no it will be clean tomorrow. But I was bullshiting because tomorrow I will be at warped tour! I have failed every inspection since I have been here anyway.

SO of course I don't remember everything I said on the audioblogs but I did get to do everything I wanted and I am glad Chris went because he got me to do other shit that was really fun, like climbing out to the edges of the grand canyon, and walking out throught the desert. I found it amuzing that the topless showgirls were mostly A and B cups, I guess they think if they are too big that it would get in the way with their dancing. There were bigger ones but they stayed covered up. Chris just kept saying hey thanks for paying so I could see boobs. It was funny people kept laughing at us. There was also these 2 asian guys that I need to talk about. Funny little asian guys. They were the flexible guys who got into a barrel and was waddling around in spandex with their tiny little penises, doing moves where they were rubbing their ass in each others faces. We were cracking up and we were surrounded by asians. Ok whatever I lost my thought by putting descriptions on the pics so check them out.