Thursday, August 18, 2005

Damn Best Buy

I went to Best Buy yesterday to get my speakers, I was expecting to spend about 300-350 for my speakers and amp. NO, I had to buy the speakers seperately, the box, amp, and cords for the amp which came to a total of 550, and Simpsons season 6, had to get that too. They were fucking killing me. I found what I liked though I couldn't listen to it because as everyone knows thay have the little set up so you can hear the speakers and how the amps work with them, well the damn board for it was broke. So I had to guess and then when I picked out something, they said they didn't have it. I eventually got close to what I wanted but it cost me more, bastards. The guy was really helpful and could see that I was agrivated, the total was actually 680 but he gave me a discount on the speakers so I was at least pleased with that. Oh but before that while I was at my other job I had an interesting couple of hours. There was a robbery somewhere and they chased the guy to a place across the street from where I work, had guns drawn and everything. I was moving lead carts and was thinking that I was going to post how good I thought I was moving a cart that wieghed 3900 lbs all by myself but then realized that it was just like pushing a car so I guess it really isn't as cool as I thought. I also strained my back in the process though, so I am a little sore today. Anyone want to give me a backrub? God it's been so long since I've had a good massage one of these days I may break down and actually pay for a professional to give me one. But back to the stereo, I can't wait to hook it up. I want to do it tonight but I have to break my "no drinking during the week anymore" rule. We are taking Mike out for food and drinks since he is leaving Monday and has to go to Wrestlemania this weekend. He will be making a stop in Washington and then there is a good chance of him going to Iraq. I know he and I wasn't all that close but I still consider him a good friend. The many times he lent his couch to me and let me drink his booze, thats a friend. Hopefully we will be able to hang out again if he stays in touch. Today is also going to be my first time back at Color Guard practice in a long while and we're supposed to be having a bitch session, I mean meeting. This ought to be fun. Well time to go.