Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Court Results

The results are in and we will find out right after this break. I remember when American Idol used to do that all the time and think it was funny like everyone didn't know that they were going to say it yet again. Like "oh that's played out, he has to say it first this time". But anyways went pretty good. Got 1 year probabtion, $170 fine and have to do some impact course where you listen to people who know someone who's died because of drunk drivers. But the impact course is also something I am still supposed to do for the military. So not too bad, I just have to tell my probie when I leave the state, they are supposed to get ahold of me sometime this week. When I got back to work today the mouse for my computer was gone, this chick that works upstairs, Patti, she made those guys look like they were dead from my operation I think I put a pic of her up when I got back, but she steals my mouse because I got it from when they had a drug fair it's for Seroquel how fitting I never knew what it was for but apparently it's for bipolar or schizo's. But it has like water and some floaty thing in it and looks kind of neat and is different so I use it instead of the normal grey mouses(in this case would it be mice) well while I was writing that last sentence she came down and was asking where her computer, I went up and stole her mouse, keyboard and monitor, was and I denied everything and her friend said that it could be someone else so they went to look for them. I wish they would have said who then I could take it there and frame them and it would be hilarious and I wouldn't get caught. My office is saying that I'm already violating my parole but it's a payback joke so it shouldn't count. So Let's see how freaked out she gets. I love being mean. At least I left the CPU. But anywho, so it sounds like I am not doing the game tonight for some fucking reason, they said I was and then I asked Uncle Tom what time we had to meet up and he said I wasn't on it so now I'm making him call up our guy in charge and find out why the hell not. I already told my other job I wasn't going to be in. I may still go in, I need money so I can take another vacation!