Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The joy of lyrics

So I got a copy of Silverstein's new album until I actually find it in stoes and get the chance to buy it myself. At first I was like, yeah it's ok but like most I just had to hear it a couple times and read the lyrics to get the full effect. Most of my screamo, you have to read the lyrics to understand it and then once you know it you remember it and can hear it more clearly. But while I was reading them this morning I noticed how it could be interpretted in other ways if you were to read it without the music. I was thinking about posting the lyrics to "Discovering The Waterfront" which is the name of the album, it can probably relate to everyone as a good break up song. The part I love the most is the guitar that sounds like the old rock ballads a little, the kind that just hits your soul like Whitesnake or someone. But as usual it is another one of the albums that are about the pain of someone leaving you, I can't really understand why I keep listening to these albums; UnderOath, Senses Fail, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights; but they are all so good. Maybe it's just since I've been in those positions so much in the past, they still remind me, though it has been a while. But damn it's good. I will be seeing all those bands again this fall. October will be STORY OF THE YEAR, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, ANBERLIN, HE IS LEGEND. November will be Silverstein w/ Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, Bayside. and Thrice With Underoath, The Bled and Veda. I can't wait, don't mind the Caps I am lazy and just copied and pasted. All I know is that they are all going to be kickass shows. Actually Underoath and silverstein are together in WV and PA soon but that is kind of far to drive, I wouldn't mind too bad if Chris wanted to do a roadtrip but I doubt that's gonna happen. Wow I just found out that if I hit the Shift key 5 times it turns on some thing called "stickykeys", thats wierd. Well tomorrow is my court date and then if I'm not in jail I will be with the Color Guard for the national anthem for the Bmore O's game, so watch for me on TV though they never show the national anthem for games anymore. I remember growing up and watching games and they always showed it but I guess that tradition has faded. Oh well. I finished all my work for the month today so I can be lazy, YAY!