Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Boredom Cure

I was bored this morning and stumbled across Killingsometime.com I have been watching the videos all morning, they are great! I may try some of the games and other stuff but they have a shitload of videos. There is also a cool game to kill Zombies at THIS site.

I really need to get my van fixed because it shakes like a motherfucker but yesterday I decided that I am going to buy some speakers and probably put them in this weekend. It will help keep me busy, it's been awile since I worked with car stereos. I figure I'll put to 10s under the middle seat. I like my music loud and factory isn't even close to my standards. I may go to Best Buy today when I get off from my other job and price check or buy it. I'll have my minivan thumpin. I like the bass but I need tweeters to so I can get everything louder. I want my screaming music to ring in other cars. Not to try to be cool or anything, thats just how loud I like it. God I am bored and hungry! Well this study I wanted to volunteer for to get $1600 to stay up for 72 hours is full and I am pissed about that. I could have some extra money to blow on stupid shit. Well I am boring to and don't have much to say but if I think of something I will forget before I type it, don't worry.