Friday, August 19, 2005

God Damn

If myself from before met myself now, he'd kick my ass! Well Aparently (I haven't got all the details yet) But last night I tried to drink like I am used to and ended up puking out Chris's car. We started with a nice dinner at Bennigins, I had Chicken quesidillo because they "ran out of steak" and I followed Mike in our several Beam and cokes. We then went to another place that I can't remember the name and had a shitload more mixed with a couple of yager bombs. Mike made $50 and I can't go into that but then we all had fun and next thing I know I wake up on Chris's couch, he wasn't there and Mike walked in, I look at my watch and it was 930. I jumped up and was running at the door. I asked if I puked and he said yes all over at IHOP. I said damn I thought that was a dream. I asked where my hat and cigarettes were. He said He didn't know about the hat, "it may be in Chris's car and I think you smoked all you cigarettes". And ran out on my way to work peeling out my minivan tires in the rain. Hopefully my hat is in Chris's car, I've had that Hat for over 5 years. I am still fucked up. Apparently I called a bunch of people at 2-3am. I was supposed to practice self control and this is where it got me, but it was worth it, good times with good friends since one is leaving too soon. But yeah apparently I called my mom and she left me a million messages saying it sounded like I was in a car crash and to call home and people from work called because I was supposed to get an award for color guard or some shit and I didn't wake up til 10. I had to call my mom and leave a message saying I was drunk and sorry for drunkdialing her, I wasn't in a car wreck, that I know of. I need to look at my outgoing calls when I leave here and see how many other people I fucking called, if I called anyone who reads this, I am sorry and please let me know what I said, if you answered it. WHEW, I am still fucked up and need to get some coffee and I still have altoids in my mouth to try to cover the smell. Got to go hide.