Monday, October 03, 2005

After Lunch thoughts

A friend made a comment to me on Saturday night and oddly I have thought about it out of no where, she claims that guys go through emotional PMS just like girls. I of course say no we don’t and she claims that my depressive times are my PMS. So now I don’t know why I am even giving this a second thought, I am down a lot, I am just more vocal about it at times. So today I was sitting here thinking that there was supposed to be some good movies coming out soon, that I really wanted to see. So I am looking on yahoo movies and finding ones that I wanted to see but then I am wondering, who am I going to go see them with. It’s little shit like that that piss me off. Little things like that, wondering what movies are coming out, is a gateway to all kind of other thoughts. I used to see movies with CG and before her was her roommate, both of who I could do couples things with except I didn’t get the sex or physical shit whatsoever. SO when little thing spawn all other shit, I started wondering if this is PMS or something. Ok now this is just getting retarded. But I did get my haircut and get a grilled stuffed burrito, shouldn’t I be happy now. I’ve read 2 more chapters in my book and done absolutely nothing work related today, though I do have a weekly meeting in a little while. One would say it hasn’t been that bad of a Monday despite my mind converting back to the dark side. Need a smoke before meeting!