Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tagged, well sort of...

So Martini didn't actually tag me, but said "RC666- That is why I cheated my 23rd was lame.. so you should just cheat and do it anyways come on!! Okay you don't have to but if you get bored it is quite fun to look back!" Now I guess it is supposed to be your 23 post and 5th line. Well THIS was my 23rd post,
My 5th line is: "Which Historical Lunatic Are You?" so that is boring.

So I will go to my 24th post kind of about the upcoming Valentines day back earlier this year. I will read the 5th sentence from the Washington Post article, since my writing just explains it.

"Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
Is everything that you are not."

I can be kind, intelligent, loving when I want to be, but it usually isn't me so I guess it kind of fits me well. And hot is out of the question, I can clean up pretty nice when I want to again but yeah not so much. I am not going to tag anyone because I don't seem to have many readers. On a plus note people have stopped finding my site from google images for T1la T3quila(spelled wrong to keep those fuckers from coming) My hits went down from 100-150 a day back to 20-40. Thank GOD! Happy Humpday!