Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Navy

That's right today is the Navy's birthday, so I think that gives me, hell everyone, a reason to drink and celebrate tonight. Today marks the day that Congress established the Continental Navy in 1775 which makes us 230 years old. We are the second oldest service, behind the army. Our few ships were originally under George Washington's army before Congress made us our own branch. We usually have a nice little cake cutting ceremony, the Navy is all about tradition, and tradition is that the oldest and youngest at the command cut the cake. And of course for the third staight year, I am the youngest. I am not the most jounior(lowest ranking) anymore but still at 23, the closest in the Navy is 25. So as usual I was voluntold that I had to. I don't like being told to do things, so I was bitter. But the cake was really good. Tomorrow we have this thing, a Combat dinning in, we get free food and beer. It's again mandatory fun, so people aren't really looking forward to it. But that's because we(me and few friends) don't like too many people here, but free beer. I can get drunk and piss the higher ups off because they watch everytime I get a beer and give me a dirty look, but hey I can walk back to the barracks so HA! Fuckers, I really hate them but thats another story. I am doing the color guard thing for it, I finally get to be National flag again so that should be fun, well if Uncle Tom were in it, Chris is in it. Fuckin Uncle Tom(I know your reading) Oh well Everyone drink up and celebrate 230 years of drunken sailing!