Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm bored

Yep, I am sitting at my other job bored as hell. Yes I could go home anytime I want but traffic has been a big bitch lately. I don't know why. It wasn't this bad when school started back up, just since last week. I figure why sit in traffic for an extra half an hour, when I can sit on my ass and surf the net and make some good money and hope that when I leave traffic will be moving a little faster. We all know my luck though, it will probably be worse and if it makes me miss my show, I will go postal and drive on the shoulder to get home in time! I have atually done that before, but only for like a mile because people were in an exit only lane and were trying to get off from it. It pissed me off so I went around them. I really need the extra money since Maryland sucks ass. It cost me $180 to get new tags today. I thought it was a mistake, I was using some High tech machine to avoid waiting in line, and when it came up I exited and tried again, sure enough it cost out my ass. Luckily I waited til today when I got paid, even though they have been expired since last month. I would have been pissed to have a $225 ticket on top of that, at least I was lucky on one part. I need to get some more Beam, I bought a bottle Monday and finished it yesterday :( What will I drink with my pizza rolls tonight? I need to get groceries again but since I am leaving soon, I figure it can wait or else it'll just go bad anyway. So here yesterday I was playing with lead pigs and tipped one over, I tilted it back up on its wheels all by myself, they said it weighed 500 lbs, I think I am pretty strong for my size, but I don't think it was that much, maybe 300. Then a little later I tipped another one over and it almost crushed my foot. I jumped like a little bitch. I mean flew, the one earlier just kind of slowly went over, this one came down with force. My heart went from 60-150 in a split second. One of the guys I work with was freaking out and asked if I was ok, i said yeah except I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It has been a long time since I was scared. It was really close to my foot too. All it did was a screw on the top sliced my wrist a bit, so now He told me I was going to die of lead poisoning. It kind of looks infected today, but not really that bad. The scab and puss shit should clean it out on its own. There's this nifty little website thing that show how traffic is doing and it looks like it's starting to get better and I need to go around and make sure everything is locked up before I leave so I will end this boring post now. I'm sure everyone feels bored with reading this anyway. But fuck you, this is Theres the Fuck everyone attitude you've all been waiting for.