Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fuck Katrina

So like when the tsunami hit whatever island over near asia, I thought it was pretty bad but truthfully I didn't give a shit as I am sure that most people felt but yet people still blogged about the tragedy and again with Katrina, thats all people are talking about. Well most hurricanes I wouldn't really give a shit either because the dumbasses who move to Florida know that they are going to be hit with several hurricanes every year and it's their own stupidity. It's not like living where tornadoes might hit because they are more sporadic, but Florida will get hit. Anyways this time it didn't hit Florida it hit further over where they weren't expecting it. And this would make me think damn that sucks but I'd still not lose any sleep over it. Well the other day I found out that one of my buddies that just transferred that way last month is ok though I don't know the details but his family is in Louisiana who I guess got hit hard. So my thoughts are definately with him and his family. People bitch about the looting, I say who cares if they rob the stores, they just lost a lot. But them shotting each other and hijacking red cross trucks is rediculous and those drivers should be carrying shotguns and blow those idiots heads off and then tie them to the hood so people will learn not to do retarded shit. But cops going to stop people from stealing from stores that are loaded with insurance instead of saving people who needed help...WTF? Again they have insurance, the person dying isn't going to come back like the stores new TV. Ok well now I managed to piss myself off. But it's almost FRIDAY and saturday is road trip!!