Thursday, September 08, 2005

People Piss Me Off

Yep who in the world would have guessed that, well anyone who has seen me for a second could figure out that they piss me off. Ok maybe not everyone but damn close. So I was extremely busy yesterday, I had to give boring Radiation training, then go pick up waste and then try to eat, then change into my purty whites for not one but 2 ceremonies. The ceremonies should have been easy in and out same routine as always but NNOOOOOO! They had to fuck everything up, they being everyone but Chris, Uncle Tom, and Me. They threw a stupid ass bagpiper in the mix, who didn't even bother talking to us and figuring out what to do. I was lead rifle and when we were ready and couldn't move, then he wants to come up and stand out of my view and tell me to watch HIS FEET, fuck you Mr. Sac puffer You watch my feet, but of course I can't say anything, I have to have my game face on. So They call march and I start, he is still behind my view and started late and now is off step and supposed to be in front of me. GOD I wanted to hit him right in the back of his fat kilt wearing fucking head. He was in the way, sounded like shit and fucked us all up so we looked like shit. Fuck it, we got another ceremony to get ready for. Chris and I run to smoke. I sit my cover(hat) and gloves on my desk and we smoke, to come back to the door being locked and no one around. My keys were in my desk, I can't carry them in this uniform, they stick out like crazy. So Eventually I get them back and am now running to get upstairs to the ceremony. I'm now sweating and even more pissed. This one I am the national and am going to have the flag in my face, so people won't see my pissed off, sweaty face, but I am supposed to call the commands. No big deal, I can yell out some of the anger. NOPE change of plans again, well since we have so many people we're going to have the middle guy call the commands. WHAT?! The middle guy only calls the commands when we are in a place where it's really hard to hear, we are going to be inside and everyone is going to be quiet and as always the National(Me) is supposed to call the commands, not to mention that the middle guy is newer and doesn't know shit and I just don't really like him too much. Fuck it we still kind of looked like shit, I don't really remember what happened there but fuck it. Then I hurry and change to go to my other job, because I am running late. I get there and people think they know my job and stop what they are doing to try to point out things that they don't know about. At this point I snapped at all of them. Telling them to get away from me, don't you have a job of your own to do, This is my job and I know how to do it you don't. I think that was most of it. Then I realized that while I was rushing to change and get out of there I forgot my wallet in my desk. Technically I can't get back on base without my ID that is in my wallet. Not really a problem, we have rental cops on our gates now. So I drive up and this fake ass rental bitch wants to tell me to pull over and call someone to get my ID or escort me onto base. I pull over and talked to the cooler cop that is usually checking IDs he said he remembers me coming through everyday at about this time so they let me in. Thank god that fucking day is over, I wanted a drink so bad, I instead went to bed at like 9. And am still fucking tired this morning. Hopefully today will be mellow and boring again. And for all you hater that are going to make fun of me FUCK YOU! Tonight is the season premier of The O.C.!