Thursday, February 02, 2006

Show tomorrow night

I am suprised that I haven't said anything about the show I am going to tomorrow night. I am pretty excited, it'll be my first show with HB and probably my last show with canowine. We are going to see Lilys, (sounds of) Kaleidoscope, and French Toast. French Toast has a couple members from Fugazi and Ian MacKaye usually goes to the Black Cat. So we are hoping we'll see him there. Maybe we'll be able to talk to him and get some pics with him or at least the band. Since they are an opening band, they will probably be at the merch table, where me and Uncle Tom usualy harrass the bands and get them to take pics with us. I will have my camera so let's hope for the best. Uncle Tom and sugarduck are coming too so it should be a grand old time! I don't think Ian will be to happy that we will be drinking beer. Since he is a straight edger and shit but who knows, we'll find out if we find him huh. But the guy I'm replacing is a moron after trying to explain that my son was in Ohio yesterday and not on an acre cruise or whatever the fuck was going through his mind, he asks me again today if my family was here. To avoid talking to him again I said that I didn't have a family and the he says what about your son, I said in Ohio. and then turned away. He is a moron, I only have to deal with him til next Friday. BUt I need to go .