Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Can't think of a title

Yeah so I apologize to the few people who stop by here for the lack of well anything lately. I blame it on being sick. I get over a bad ass cold only to get another one. This ones no more than sniffles and a weezing cough that feels like I have a bunch of fluid in my lungs. I am tired as hell, I didn't go to bed until after midnight. Though I feel like I was sound asleep I was probably hacking and not sleeping well. Today I started my new book, Sex, Drugs and Coco Puffs, though I've only read the first chapter I am loving it already. Chuck Klosterman is a great writer! Especially to people like me, he shares my same views and I was cracking up on his bashing of Coldplay and John Cusack for ruining peoples images of love. Making people believe it is supposed to be/feel a certain way. But I got to skip AA today thanks to someone signing my slip for me, which tachnically isn't wrong. AA is supposed to be 2 or more alcoholics that get together and talk about not drinking. Well I am sure most of my friends consititute as an alcoholic and all we have to say is "hey we should stop drinking." and boom, that should be considered an AA meeting by the book. It doesn't say how long it should last. Most would say as usual I am cheating or taking the easy way out, to them I say "Fuck off!". I am tired and sick and need a haircut and have plenty more shit on my mind lately. The drinking is slowing down and may stop soon. Alcoholics are those that do completely stupid shit and spend all their money on booze. I haven't done too bad stupid shit in a long while and have never spent all my money on it so there. Call it self medicating, then and now. I was self medicating myself with alcohol to cure my depression and to try to get over some sort of social anxiety that made me too shy to really talk to anyone, and now I am self medicating myself by detoxing. I have always been this way. What doesn't kill me makes me stonger right, then why take medication when your body can do it on its own. Hell I am not dependent on alcohol anymore, after Vegas yeah I pretty much was, hands shaking in the mornings, did this make me go get a drink to stop the shakes and function normally, no. I'd just deal with the shakes until I felt like a drink. Wow typing shit really makes me realize how fucked up I am/have been/may be/will be or whatever. Fuck it, live and learn right. I am still here living, kicking, and trying like hell to have a good time. I hate when I have several rants and/or confessions that I think of during the course of the day but when I sit down to post I forget. Then like I've discussed with HB I start babbling about stupid off the wall shit, but she claims that she doesn't mind. I am just waiting to see how long she doesn't mind, I already told her to feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up, I am used to it and it's usually for the best before I make a complete ass of myself. So I have my counseling tonight and we have a new counselor, I hope he is as laid back as the other one was and I hope out video or whatever is more informative and useful than the past couple weeks. I mean I like learning new things but I know about nutition and HIV and shit and what they're gonna tell me is nothing new to me. The shit about alcohols effects on the brain that was informative. But I guess I'll just have to wait and see.