Friday, November 18, 2005

New Bed

Yesterday they told me my van was a piece of shit and would cost around $800 to fix. I said no thanks if I am going to spend that much I might as well use it on a down payment on a car that I'd actually want. So I didn't have a way to pick it up until HB got off at 4 so I figured I night as well still not go to work, so she took me to get it and then we went to look for a bad cuz I am getting a little tired of sleeping on couches and the barracks bed I was sleeping on for a little over a year wasn't comfy at all. So we went to SticksNStuff and looked around. I wanted a queen sized most of them were a little more expensive than what I thought I was going to spend, then I saw a comfy king sized for cheaper than the queens. So I got it. The guy who attempted to tie it to the roof of my van was a complete retard who apparently has no clue on how to do a job that he is paid exclusively to do. The matress almost flew off a couple of times. I had to pull over 3 times on the way home to adjusted it. But now HB and I have a bed, I decided it should go in her apt since Gabe wouldn't have a room or anything at mine. It was nice to roll around on it last night, much more comfy than her couch. She laughed at me because my feet hang off the bed still, I told her I have grown used to it and actually enjoy when the tips of my feet hang off. We had all that space but yet still slept bundled up holding each other. I think she tried to escape my clutches but I scooted closer and held her anyway when she ran out of room to scoot. Now if I wake up and she is on the other side of the bed then I know she scooted to the edge and decided to go around to the other 5ft of bed. Fun times, everyone keeps distracting me and I need to run to the hospital to do some shit and get some food so I may post later.