Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Giving Thanks

I thought about doing this before but HB did it and is calling me a copycat. Hopefully she won't yell at me again(just kidding honey!). I am trying to remember last Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure I ate Ramen or Mac and cheese and slept most of the day in the barracks. It was actually the first thanksgiving that I was away from my family I believe. I think this is going to be HB's first away from hers. I hope we have a good time. I hope it snows a bit like it's supposed to so I can see the look on Gabe and hers faces when that get to see it for the first time. Here are some of the things I am thankful for this holiday:

-Beautiful, healthy baby boy
-Family that may be odd but loving
-All my true friends
-Beautiful loving girlfriend who accepts my faults and appreciates what I try to do for her
-People who donated furniture to me
-Chris for being like a brother to me
-All the concerts I have seen this year
-My supervisor for letting me leave almost whenever I want
-My 7 day weekend coming up
-People picking up the tab for lunch or coffee
-Uncle Tom for haveing me over for beer and cooking excellent food
-Canowine for exposing me to new music that I sometimes dig
-The hard times that I thought would never end, for making me strong
-The good people who taught me that human kind still had more nice people out there
-My probation officer letting me miss counseling and drug tests to go home for Christmas
-My parents for helping me out when they can
-My great grandfather for giving me hope of being 80 and as active as him
-People I work with for giving me a laugh on a daily basis and also arguing with me
-The Navy for teaching me skills and paying me even when I am off!
-My other job for letting me come and go as I please
-The feeling I get while holding HB in my arms
-The little things that I notice but fail to fully appreciate (nature, art, music, ect.)
-Being alive and fairly healthy
-The freedon to say, do, act, and wear whatever the hell my little heart desires
-All the other things that I take for granted and sometimes overlook
-For the military, God, fate or whatever brought HB into my life!