Monday, November 07, 2005

New place

SO apparently my blog is becoming less evil thanks to HB so I'm going to find a happy medium on here. I will bitch about random things that piss me off and then the other half I will write about how great HB is. SO This weekend was a nice mix of shitty and great. Lets recap shall we: Friday went to my other job, had to go take piss test so I went there, was going to drop a shitload of clothes off at my new apartment which is close to there and then I was going to HB's. So I go pee and try to go to the apt and was trying to hurry because I had a timeline in my head that I was trying to keep. Well I rushed through a changing light to turn and hit the median hard as shit. Blew the tire and fucked the rim up worse(it was already messed up) SO here I am in a turning lane on a fairly busy road changing a tire. People honking at me because the can't fucking tell that when a van has it's flashers on and has a guy kneeling on the side of it, that it's not going to be moving anytime soon. SO I get the spare from underneith and crush my hand when it landed on me. I jack up the van and take the tire off and then I guess because I forgot to put the emergency brake on it fell off the jack, it didn't hit hard but it was a pain in the ass to get the jack out from under it. I get it up and changed and decided to say fuck the apt and drove to her place. We watched some movies and she made some stir fry, it was a good night.

Saturday was kind of a pain in the ass. I was supposed to get a trailer from Uhaul but they like fucking people over and can't seem to accept proper reservations. They didn't have the right sized trailer so we had to make reservations for Sunday with a different Uhaul place. CHris and I just loaded up a bunch of my shit from the barracks in my Van and his car and took that to the apt. OK so we're moving shit I park where I know I'm not supposed to but it was a convienience and only for a short time. I took the fucked up tire out and said shit about leaving it and this bitch ass mother fucker who claimed to be an assistant working guy for the barracks starts talking shit. Telling me to throw it in the dumpsters that were around the corner, I said I will when we're done, he said no I wasn't because I just told Chris that it was their problem now, not mine. But whatever, I throw it away when I come back the guy and Chris are arguing. I wanted to fucking run this guy over about 39 times and then get out and kick his body(trying to keep the evil back). Our main concern was moving my big ass TV, but we moved the van so we could get away from the stupid bitch. We got most of my stuff over to the apt. I just need to go back today and get some little stuff. Then we went to a promotion party that we knew involved a shitload of people we didn't like but a couple we did and had to support so we went. Plus free beer and food. SO as soon as we walk up we're on, busting on everyone and just pretty much making asses of ourselves, why you may ask, because thats us and it's fun as shit. We stay for a while only talk to a few people, I wore my "I like my women like I like my coffee" shirt and people kept asking how I like my coffee, then I'd let them read the back "Gound up and in the freezer" it was good for some laughs. One guy kept pissin us off. He talking mad shit to Chris and then tried talking shit to me but could only make fun of my hat, and the way I dress. He's an old fucking shitbag who like to thing he's cool. He needs to learn to shut the fuck up before someone breaks his hip. We left and I went and crashed on Chris's couch.

Sunday we wake up and had a timeline yet again, we had one for saturday but uhaul fucked that all up. Sunday the timeline was fucked up too, final decision: STOP MAKING FUCKIN TIMELINES YOU CAN"T KEEP THEM AND JUST GET PISSED ABOUT IT! SO we ran way late but I got a new tire and the trailer, went picked up my free furniture, we got it into the apt with only minor cuts and scratches and sore muscles. I started cleaning and setting up the entertainment center, computer, and arranging the hug furniture. It's slightly cramped but not too bad. I like it, it's awesome getting it almost completely furnished for free. All I need to buy is a bed and some plates and cups. Chris left a bunch of shit for me. I actually cleaned the bathroom! I never do that, but I was tired and scared in my new place (not really but needed an excuse) so I went over to HB's if I have to sleep on a couch hers is way more comfortable than anyone elses because she is there in my arms. But thats my weekend in review I will try to get the UNderOath pics up tonight since I got my comp set up and maybe get some pics of the apt for HNT or something. Not a bad Monday yet, but it's still early.