Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Thursday shit

I am tired! Last night I tried a different way home from my other job that took a little longer probably because I almost got lost in DC but found my way home. It could have been the rain that made traffic suck, I don't know. SO I have one more route to really try to get home from there. My check is going to suck since I dropped my van off at the shop today to get fixed yet again, damn curbs need to stop hitting my van! So I am missing today possibly tomorrow I will go in on saturday, monday I have a concert and tuesday is counseling thats 4 days I worked this 2 week pay period. But I am at the mercy of HB to drive my bum ass around. Last night I went over there so we could drop my van off early this morning. I was trying to watch Radio since I haven't seen it yet while she was ironing her uniform. But I missed some parts and then we shut it off and went to bed before it was over. SO I will have to try to watch it another time. I need to have her run by my apt and get some clothes and shit so I will try to take a pic of my place or me or both to post for HNT since I have been lacking on that lately. We'll see, I want to get a couple pics of us together, maybe Gabe can take a pic of I have another short notice color guard detail today. I am lead rifle yet again and Chris keeps telling me not to screw up, but I think I will on pourpose. Not really but it would be kind of funny. He said he can't get me on the Washington Capitols (hockey) detail which I already knew he wouldn't be able to. Oh well. I don't mind. People don't like me on it, except Chris and Tom. Thats only because they(everyone else) know I am better than them except last Friday. Lets see what else, I had a slew of thought to post about. I was going to post about lyrics but that will take some research that I don't really have time for. Listening to "my music" some lyrics make me think of things and sound sweet and shit and then the next line is the total opposite. One that is easy is how Hawthorne Heights (band I am seeing monday with Silverstein, will be the 3rd time I saw both of them) "Ohio is for Lovers" reminds me of my son. The lyrics "And I can't make it on my own. Because my heart is in Ohio." but not well anymore of the song "So cut my wrists and black my eyes. So I can fall asleep tonite and die. Because you kill me. You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell. You never stop until my final breath is gone. You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell. You never stop until my final breath is gone." But whatever, thats the case for almost all songs from the bands I listen to. Kind of like me jump from one thing to another and most of them are about pain and revenge. But I will find more of that perhaps saturday when I am "working" at my other job for as long as I can stand being there to get more hours on this paycheck. HB keeps saying shit to me in spanish and then doesn't tell me it's translation, last night before we went to sleep she said something about tomorrow and question but I can't remember exactly what all she said. I tried telling her that she has to at least give me the translation too or else I won't learn. Perhaps I will by a translator dictionary. Especially when I don't have a computer to plug everything into, or maybe I will carry a notebook and pen so I can write it down and look it up the next day. Te quiero y espere que esta sensación dure por siempre!

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