Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am tired a shit yet again, it seems to be a reoccuring thing this week. I have yet to actually sleep in my apartment, though I think I will tonight. I really need to clean and put my shit away, but I tend to give up and go see HB. The joys of a new love. It's funny though it must be that apartment. Chris moved in and then got his girlfriend and stayed at her place all the time and now I move in and stay at her place all the time. Damn I should have moved in a long time Yesterday was a really fun day. Well it started a little rough but recovered nicely. First the alarm didn't go off at 530 like planned so I was woken up at 630 by her son crying (thank god he woke me up) so I hurry up and get ready and leave for work. I was pretty late getting here because of traffic at that time is bad. But no one was in the office except Uncle Tom so it was ok, no one noticed. I told my supervisor I needed to take off around lunch for AA and to get my van fixed. So Chris signed my AA form and HB, Tom, his girl, and me went and got some Thai food for lunch. HB took me to drop my van off to get fixed and we went to see Jarhead. I enjoyed the movie but I recommend that anyone who enjoys this movie goes out and gets the book, there are way more details and a lot more about the after war stuff that is mind boggling. And the best part is that it is a true story written by the jarhead himself. Then we went and picked up Gabe, her son, and then she dropped me off at my van. I payed like $70 and they didn't really fix shit and told me I needed to go to a "real" body shop, I though goodyear was a body shop but apparently not a "real" one. I went to my counseling and actually took a nice power nap waiting for it to start. Listened to the shitty counselor talk about stupid shit and then went home and ate and tried to clean a little but kept getting distracted from people buzzing on my door. Apparently someone in the next building locked themselves out and needed a knife to cut their screen, so I gave them one and came back upstairs and then she came back and said she couldn't lift herself in the window. SO I jumped through and opened the door for her and was afraid that now my finger prints were in this place but my landlord said she did actually live there so I wouldn't be charged for breaking and entering. SO I started cleaning again and then HB called and I went over there. It's really hard to talk with her on the phone, I say it's her phone but it may just be my ears, I am sure standing next to speakers at concerts haven't helped them much. But it's just so much better to talk in person. This morning she seemed to be running a little behind and I felt bad, thinking that it was because of me but I don't really think it was. Plus it was a little strange with Gabe getting up and seeing me sitting there ready to go to work. I probably should have left before she woke him up, to avoid some of his confusion. It is a little difficult to try to determine what may have negative effects on him. I mean is it ok for him to see me kiss mommy, is it ok for me to be there when he wakes up, and so on. Dating a mommy is new to me, the only thing I am completely certain about is to stay out of anything parental. That I can do, make no decisions and follow whatever mommy says and don't undermind her. But I am thinking since she is back at work now that I may need to limit my weekday sleepovers.

Off that topic, everyone needs to whatch the Washington Wizards game on Friday if it's on tv. Chris and I will be doing the color guard thing for the National anthem as well as assisting in presenting a community service award to the family of the first Maryland female killed in Iraq. So if the anthem isn't on tv this should since it is veterans day and all. I will have my VCR set, I just want my 15 minutes of fame on tv. I don't think I have been on tv unless you count the plays that sometimes got televised on the local crappy public station. Plus since we have to come back for half time then they can't make us do the anthem and then shove us into cheap seats like last time. I am pretty excited. Happy Humpday all.